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While I once was squarely in the realm of “Clothing is to Cover and Nothing More” (probably since my dreams were solely in archaeological field work…I’m getting there!), having an office job has quickly jolted me from that position. I don’t want to be either the Kid or the Slob, and though I sometimes still dress like both (*quarters for the laundry*, grumble, grumble), I’ve still taken a deeper interest in fashion over the past year.

So, a little while back, when when we had a party to go to in the heart of Boston, well! That was just too good an opportunity to pass up. However, I did not have $500 to spend on (on-sale) Marc Jacob shoes and a dress from the Banana Republic with accessories from some Newbury Street shop. Nor did I really even want to spend $100.00.

After a few dead-ends (Macy’s with a huge coupon, Express, Banana R. Clearance, etc.) I went into H&M. Now I’d originally passed by H&M since I had tried on practically everything in the store on a previous trip–or so I thought.  I found a nice belted black satin dress that was not only a dead-ringer for Michelle Obama style, but was only $35.00.  At that price point, I had a bit of extra room, so I threw in a pack of silver bangles for $5.90 as well. A quick stop to Payless found me a pair of shiny faux-patent-leather-faux crocodile high heels (with a pair of maroon tights half off for a later occasion) that completed the ensemble for $24.90. That was a bit more than I wanted to pay, but I don’t like shoe shopping (I own 3 pr. of dress shoes, 1 pr. of sneakers, 1 pr. of everyday shoes and 5 pairs of flip flops that you can see the floor through the bottoms), so since I actually liked…no really, almost loved, this pair, I thought them highly worth it.

And so it was that I had a brand-new outfit I loved for only $65.80. And since the dress & shoes were black, they can be re-used season after season!

I do love fashion, but I especially love re-usable, cheap, and chic fashion!



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I’ve been doing the “CVS Game” for about 2-3 months now…since the third week in January, to be exact, since I never have the apparently very useful 1/17 coupons. It’s been going VERY well, with over 200$ in savings, tons of free goodies and a big dent in our grocery budget. However, it’s been going downhill about the past two weeks.

First off, I lost my CVS card that I got when I was 16 working at the Mall of NH. I went through old wallets, old keychains and scrounged around everywhere for a keyring one, since the $18.00 I had earned in ECBs was tied to that card number, and for some reason, they couldn’t find it using my phone number. No luck finding it anywhere. So I call the corporate number, get a new card, and say goodbye to $18.00. That sucked. What sucked even more was taking out my keys to start the car–the keys I use EVERY FREAKING DAY, and seeing a very sneaky CVS card come out of nowhere. Now since all my balances had been transferred, and I’d already done one transaction, I had another $18.00 on my new card. Lose-Lose, and it made me highly unhappy.

Bad Thing #2 was on said inaugural transaction. I’d taken a hint posted on the fantabulous moneysavingmom.com, and bought two clearance Be Fine products. Two facials shaped and smelling like Roses to be exact. Ew. But, they promised me overage plus $8.00 in ECBs, so I did it. And, not having read through the comments section, found out that clearance marked items don’t generate ECBs. And, I learned today, that you can’t return clearance items at CVS. So, $8.00 gone there.

Also today, they didn’t have what I needed, I thought Colgate was the ECB-monthly deal one and BOGO, but apparently it wasn’t. There goes another 2.99, plus they didn’t have the little Lumine tubes. So I spend my former $18.00 in ECB and only get $11.00 back and spent $1.99 OOP.

Then, I go to Shaws to redeem my “free egg” coupon that I forgot to redeem last time…and it expired yesterday.

AHHHHH!!! Not only do I hate wasting money, I especially hate wasting money on carelessness and rose-smelling things.

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