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CVS Pharmacy | MinuteClinic | Nationwide in the US | Need treatments & list of costs | No appointments | Open 7 days |

To say that I shop at CVS is a vast understatement; I’m there not only snagging deals (though not as often of late), but I also pick up my prescriptions and satisfy any 11-PM Combos & Doritos needs there. I also journal, and thus, generally TRY to be aware of my surroundings; female safety and all that also comes into play. So when I learned that there was a minute clinic in my CVS, my first thought was ‘Where? In the chairs by the pharmacy?” Only after some extensive visualization did I remember a door to the side with a computer in front of it. I don’t know what I thought it was–a store room or something–but when I re-played my CVS in my head, that was the only location that made sense.

To start at the beginning:

I’ve been coughing. Coughing so badly that I’ve been to the point of throwing up. Coughing so badly that I decided to take TWO doses of Nyquil, knowing full well that taking 1 ml over the recommended dose ONCE a night, makes me throw up the next morning. I decided throwing up (which I did indeed) was worth getting an extra few hours of sleep. I went to CVS at 5 AM one night to get some Robitussin DM Max for Adults the next night. It did nothing.

My husband and I had been blaming it on the dry air, but this was getting ridiculous. We got a humidifier. No change. So I called my doctor, and was told they couldn’t give me any prescriptions over the phone, and oh, the earliest appointment was 5 days away. I nearly cried.

But then, my smart husband emailed  “Why not try a clinic?”

A clinic? Hm. It was worth a shot! And once I found MinuteClinic, and learned that there was one INSIDE MY CVS, well, the decision was made.

So I signed in on the big, 32″ computer-screen station that I’d totally ignored, right under the big “minute clinic” sign I’d totally ignored, and was placed at No. 5 on the list. Each person seen for a “visit” takes about 20 minutes; if they come for a “shot” it’s generally about 10 minutes. So 50 minutes later, I’m in what I thought was a storeroom…and greeting My. Old. Doctor. So, automatic good assurance of quality care–she was my favorite doctor (or rather, RN, technically, I think) too!

My insurance was accepted just fine (I called ahead to check; even if it wasn’t, it’s $62.00 for a illness visit); she listened to my symptoms, took my blood pressure, temperature, and listened to my heart & breathing, felt lymph nodes or neck swelling or something. She gave me a diagnosis of acute bronchitis, and I walked out with an inhaler, daytime and nighttime cough medicines, and antibiotics. Now, I’d read that some doctors had criticized minute clinics for over-prescribing antibiotics, but she fully explained why I needed them, and explained their benefits…and besides, she was my old doctor! MinuteClinic doctors are also ONLY allowed to prescribe what the computer spits out…an extra safeguard, I assume.

Thus was my weekend, and the next few days at work, saved from much agony. I’m sleeping now, I’m feeling better, and I not only paid just as little as I would with the doctor, it saved me money by allowing me to go after work, instead of having to take time off, and was definitely quicker. So, I’m now a believer in MinuteClinics, and would highly recommend them if you’ve got a common condition and can’t get to your doctor for some reason. And that’s what worked for me!

See more WFMW @ We Are That Family.


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The. Best. CVS. Trip. Ever.

First of all, no one was in the store at…what, 9-something? Almost 10? to shuffle around and bump into with my massive coupon box. Secondly, they had everything in stock. EVERYTHING. That almost never happens at my CVS. I did it in three transactions, with a base start of $17.00 in ECBs; paid $5.47 OOP: $4 to start, and $1.47 since I didn’t have a small enough ECB denomination on the second transaction. And, AND, I came home with $51.91 in ECBs, and $97.00 worth of merchandise. I used coupons on every item except the Reeses, G2 Gatorade, and 1 of the L’Oreal Juicy lip glosses (my printer wouldn’t work when I did the survey-for-a-coupon thing đŸ˜¦ ). But oh, if only every week went as smoothly. No one in line…each transaction playing out like a textbook example of couponing…applauding cashiers… *contented sigh* Well, even if it’s not like this all the time, I’ll take my dream week (this on top of my Black Friday steals!) with a hearty dose of…what else? Thanksgiving.

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It just went OK. Not even worth a photo. I did get some free stuff: 2 free Sally Hansen Nail Polishes, 2 CVS Pantiliners, 2 CVS boxes of tampons, 2 money-making Sure Deoderants, a free Neutrogena Mascara.

However, I was rather brain-dead on the CVS towelettes; I only printed off 1 $2/1 coupon instead of two, and I didn’t look at the prices to check that the exfoliating ones were more than the makeup cleansing ones. So, I lost about $2.50 (in ECBs, of course) there. Plus, someone put a Sally H. Nail Polish on the wrong rack, so I ended up getting a $2.50 one instead of another for $0.99. There’s another $1.50 wasted–and the irony is that I had a $1.00/1 Sally Hansen coupon I could have used, but didn’t bother since I thought it would be free. Meh. That bothers me the most.

Some of that was made up with the $3.00/15.00 coupon, but I had already factored that into buying my husband the B1G1 Free Twizzlers & Arizona Iced Tea. So…not too successful, but I’m not going to complain about “wasting” $4.00 when I’ve gotten so much free stuff now and over the year. Just another reminder to Be Careful!

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The ECB-Emergency Expiration Run

I hate how sometimes ECB expirations go on and on, and you never have to worry about them…and other times the next time you glance at them, they’re expiring that day. *Surprise!* That was me this morning, realizing that (a) my ECBs expired on the 22nd and (b) today was the 22nd. Often I realize one or the other, never both.

But, it worked out pretty well with a thankfully, providentially, stocked CVS.

2 Colgate Toothpastes @ $2.99
CVS deal $0.50 off
Used two $1.50/1 printable coupons
Final Cost: $0.99 each
Received: $2.00 ECB each

2 Oral B-Crossaction 2-packs for $6.99 each ($13.98 )
Received $13.98 in ECB

2 CVS Band-Aid 40-pk for $1.99 ($3.98 )
Received $3.98 in ECB

1 Brut Deodorant for $3.19
Used $0.55/1 coupon
Final Cost: $2.64
Received $3.00 in ECB

Because of the band-aids, I even got to use a $3.00/$10.00 CVS Brand coupon that printed from the machine.

After my ECBs were used, I paid $6.28 OOP (I also bought The Globe for $2.50) and got back $24.96 in ECB. Yay!

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I’m still at it! And I really want in my sidebar a “Money Saved at CVS” as well as a “Money Lost at CVS” graphic. Recently I’ve:

1.) Lost my Walgreens Rebate receipt, thus losing $30.00 right there, since I thought I was being smart by purchasing all my rebate items at once. I found the receipt where I thought I had left it and looked 4 times for it. I happened to find it the day after they took the April easysaver form off-line.

2.) I thought I was buying the Hairdryer (that I’ve been dying for) that has $10.00 back in ECB this month. Turns out I didn’t, and I used $11.00 ECB to buy it. Seeing that I didn’t get my 10 ECB, I asked, and turns out though they have the EXACT SAME NAME, the one I picked up didn’t have a comb attachment, thus no ECBs. So, I return it, and afterwards learn….you do NOT get the ECB’s you used back if you return something. So, there goes 11 ECBs, plus their stock was completely depleted so i couldn’t get more deals. I still have ECBs to use, so it could hurt more, but still…my little eyes are burning from the tears of lost money. *sniff*

Thank goodness I have an awesomely cute and comforting husband who can easily make me forget all my pain. We’re making Not Your Average Joe‘s Buffalo-Caribbean Tenders…though when I was at Shaws tonight, I also forgot, oh, the chicken tenders. And I got mango-orange instead of mango juice after hunting for it for 45 minutes. It’s in the organic aisle, in case you ever need it.

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I’ve been doing the “CVS Game” for about 2-3 months now…since the third week in January, to be exact, since I never have the apparently very useful 1/17 coupons. It’s been going VERY well, with over 200$ in savings, tons of free goodies and a big dent in our grocery budget. However, it’s been going downhill about the past two weeks.

First off, I lost my CVS card that I got when I was 16 working at the Mall of NH. I went through old wallets, old keychains and scrounged around everywhere for a keyring one, since the $18.00 I had earned in ECBs was tied to that card number, and for some reason, they couldn’t find it using my phone number. No luck finding it anywhere. So I call the corporate number, get a new card, and say goodbye to $18.00. That sucked. What sucked even more was taking out my keys to start the car–the keys I use EVERY FREAKING DAY, and seeing a very sneaky CVS card come out of nowhere. Now since all my balances had been transferred, and I’d already done one transaction, I had another $18.00 on my new card. Lose-Lose, and it made me highly unhappy.

Bad Thing #2 was on said inaugural transaction. I’d taken a hint posted on the fantabulous moneysavingmom.com, and bought two clearance Be Fine products. Two facials shaped and smelling like Roses to be exact. Ew. But, they promised me overage plus $8.00 in ECBs, so I did it. And, not having read through the comments section, found out that clearance marked items don’t generate ECBs. And, I learned today, that you can’t return clearance items at CVS. So, $8.00 gone there.

Also today, they didn’t have what I needed, I thought Colgate was the ECB-monthly deal one and BOGO, but apparently it wasn’t. There goes another 2.99, plus they didn’t have the little Lumine tubes. So I spend my former $18.00 in ECB and only get $11.00 back and spent $1.99 OOP.

Then, I go to Shaws to redeem my “free egg” coupon that I forgot to redeem last time…and it expired yesterday.

AHHHHH!!! Not only do I hate wasting money, I especially hate wasting money on carelessness and rose-smelling things.

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