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Randi at i have to say is thinking about organizing a Sewing Seeds project to sew skirts for girls in Haiti. In her words:

***Sewing Seeds is a project that I occasionally organize here on my blog to collect and distribute handmade skirts to little girls in areas where there is need…***

She’s looking for interested people to respond; with 90 comments and counting, I’m thinking this will be a “go!”  I wanted to get the word out here as well, so if you’re interested in joining in, read her whole post and go on and let her know!

I know I’ll be excited if this happens!


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Yes! I hadn’t seen these at my CVS before, so I was very excited to pick one up yesterday:

(Sorry for the photo quality, I used my phone!) I’m sure most have heard by now, but with the CVS Green Bag Tag, you attach it on to a reusable bag, and they scan it every time you bring it into the store–for every fourth visit, you get a free ECB. This is even MORE perfect timing, because I got it the same day I went to Jo-Ann’s fabric to make some of the projects from “One-Yard Wonders“–including the reusable, squishable sack.

I’ve sadly cut WAY back on my CVS trips, since I’m so often short of time when I’m in class, but while I’m on break, I’m always glad to make a stop or two; so yesterday, I picked up 2 Olay Regenerist Facial Cleansers for $10.something with coupons, and then submitted for a $15.00 rebate. Simple enough, and it definitely brought back the thrill of the chase! Can’t wait to see what’s on sale this week…

And, in the meantime, for everyone snowed-in by this storm (like me!) keep safe and warm and happy! I’m off to sew!

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Despite our best winterizing efforts of covering our windows with plastic sheeting and making radiator reflectors, air was still getting in our bedroom, and in our hallway from the back-door. While we’re still not quite sure how that’s happening–both give off a pervasive draft that we can’t really pinpoint to one area–we’re up for trying anything. Our best guess is of course, the sill/under the door. Since nothing in our house is plumb, it leaves lots of little crevices for air to sneak its way in. Thus…Draft Stopper Snakes!


I looked up the width on a pattern from About.com, but the 8″ she recommended turned out to be too big for the filling I had, so I cut it down to 7″ and added 1/4″ for a full 1/2″ seam allowance.  Sewed up the bottom and sides, leaving 4″ open to stuff, turned it right-side-out (on the second snake…I am SUCH an absent-minded sewer),  filled it with a mix of so-old-it’s-inedible brown rice and white beans, and stitched up the side and top. It probably took no more than 15 minutes to do both snakes, and it’s a perfect use for spare pant-leg scraps. And best of all, it cost $0.00.

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