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Despite our best winterizing efforts of covering our windows with plastic sheeting and making radiator reflectors, air was still getting in our bedroom, and in our hallway from the back-door. While we’re still not quite sure how that’s happening–both give off a pervasive draft that we can’t really pinpoint to one area–we’re up for trying anything. Our best guess is of course, the sill/under the door. Since nothing in our house is plumb, it leaves lots of little crevices for air to sneak its way in. Thus…Draft Stopper Snakes!


I looked up the width on a pattern from About.com, but the 8″ she recommended turned out to be too big for the filling I had, so I cut it down to 7″ and added 1/4″ for a full 1/2″ seam allowance.  Sewed up the bottom and sides, leaving 4″ open to stuff, turned it right-side-out (on the second snake…I am SUCH an absent-minded sewer),  filled it with a mix of so-old-it’s-inedible brown rice and white beans, and stitched up the side and top. It probably took no more than 15 minutes to do both snakes, and it’s a perfect use for spare pant-leg scraps. And best of all, it cost $0.00.


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After covering over the windows (where we noticed a measurable, immediate, difference in our thermostat, by the way), phase 2 of our winterization project was to fashion crudely homemade radiator reflectors. We reasoned that preventing heat from vanishing through our uninsulated walls would be the second-best way to stay ahead in the heating game.

So I grabbed some discarded boxes from work and went to town with a roll of aluminum foil and some more scotch tape.


Easy enough, and did not require any expensive kits. The only question we sort of had was at Lowe’s…they had what was basically bubble-wrap encased in aluminum insulation for about $20.00, but we decided not to go for it since we weren’t sure (A) if it would work at all and (B) if the price was worth it. But thankfully, the salvaged cardboard was of just the right size to slink between our radiators and the outside wall–just a bit short on the window below.


Too soon to see a difference yet, but hopefully it’ll be the little things that add up!

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