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So, some good deals this week! Hurrah! Market Basket and Shaw’s are actually running a lot of identical deals, but I’ve noticed a lot of Shaw’s other advertised deals are much cheaper at MB–things like Sour Cream and other random staples, which gives MB the edge for the week.

Best Store to Shop: Market Basket
Best Deal: Stop & Shop Pillsbury Brownie Mix

Market Basket:

Campbells Chunky Soups 18.5-19 oz. 4/$5.00
Use with $1.00/4 coupon for

Pomegranates 2/$4.00

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.89/lb.

Ghiradelli Chocolate Bags (2/$5.00) or Bars (2/$3.00)
Use with $1.00/2 Bags or Bars coupon for
Bags 2/$4.00 or Bars @/$2.00

Presidents Feta $2.99

Bella Gioioso Fresh Mozzarella $3.99/lb.

Cabot Dairy Week (about once a month sales–and my favorite brand & prices!)
Cabot Butter $1.99
Cottage Cheese 2/$3.00
Shredded Cheese 2/$3.00
Cheese Bars or Slices 2/$4.00
Sour Cream $.99

Bertolli Pasta Sauce 2/$4.00
Use with $1.50/2 coupon for

Hunt’s Canned Tomatoes $0.99/each
Buy 4 and use with $1.00/4 coupon for

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream 2/$5.00
Use with $1.00/2 coupon for

TGIF Frozen Skillet Meal $4.99 (2$ off normal price)
Use with $1.00/1 coupon for

Cap’n Crunch or Life Cereal 2/$5.00*
Buy 2 of 1 kind, and use with either the $1.00/2 Cap’n Crunch or $1.00/2 Life Coupons for
*This really isn’t that good a deal, but for those that like this kind of cereal, it’s worth getting on sale, right!?

Aunt Jemima Mix 2/$3.00
Use with $1.00/2 coupon for

Bob’s Red Mill Flour $3.99

Hood Light-Block Milk (unadvertised) $3.79
Use with $1.00/1 coupon for

Fresh Express Baby Salad Blend 2/$5.00
Use with $.75/1 coupon for

Printable Coupons here

Tropicana Orange Juice 2/$5.00
Use $1.00/2 Shaws Printable

Shaws Sirloin $3.99/lb
Use $1.00/1 Shaws Printable
Final Price Dependent Upon Weight

Dynamo B1G2 Free
Use with $1.00/2 Coupon

General Mills Lucky Charms/Cinn. Toast Crunch/Cocoa Puffs/Cookie Crisp/Cheerios 5/$10.00
Use with as many $1.00/3 coupons as you have
Print $1.00/5 Shaws Coupon
5/$8.00 to 5/$6.00

Cap’n Crunch or Life Cereal 2/$5.00
Buy 2 of 1 kind, and use with either the $1.00/2 Cap’n Crunch or $1.00/2 Life Coupons for
Yes, same as Market Basket

TGI Friday Skillet Meals 2/$6.99
Use with in-circular $5.00/2 coupon and $1.00/1 Man. coupon for
2/$7.98, which works out to $3.99 each–same as Market Basket. Good option if you have multiple Man. coupons, or want to buy two at this price and you only have 1 coupon.

Land O’ Lakes Natural Eggs $2.79
Use with either $.50/1 or $1.00/2 coupons

Dr Pepper/Canada Dry Ginger Ale 12-Packs 4/$11.00

Campbell Microwavable Soups Chunky or Classic 3/$4.00
Use with $1.00/2 coupon for

Fresh Express Salad Blend 2/$5.00
Use with $.75/1 coupon for

Knoor Sides 3/$5.00
Use with $1.00/3 coupon for

Fiji Water 16.9 oz. 10/$10.00

Hunt’s Tomatoes 10/$10.00
Use with $1.00/4 coupon(s)

Buy 10 Vitamin Water for $10.00
Use with in-circular coupon for free 5 Powerades and $1.00/1 Powerade Coupon for
15 Bottles for $9.00

Margherita Salami $4.99/lb
Use with $.60/1 lb. Coupon for
$4.39/1 lb.

California Pizza Kitchen Frozen Pizza $4.99
Use with $1.00/1 coupon for

Stop & Shop:

Gala/McIntosh/Empire/Cortland Apples $0.69/lb.

Pillsbury Brownie Mix, All Varieties 10/$10.00:
Buy 6 Reduced Sugar and 4 Regular:
Use 2 $1.00/3 Reduced Sugar Mix Coupons and 2 $1.00/2 Regular Mix Coupons for
10 boxes/$6.00

Tropicana Orange Juice Pour-Jug $4.99
Use with $1.00/1 Coupon for


Rib & Sirloin-End Pork Chops $1.39/lb.

Red or White Grapefruit $.69/each

Gold Sweet Potatoes $0.79/lb

Hass Avocado’s 4/$5.00

Pomegranates $1.99/each

Smart Balance Light Buttery Spread $2.19
Buy 2 for $4.38 and use $1.00/2 coupon for

Hood Simply Smart $2.89
Use with $1.00/1 coupon (expires 10/31) for


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Of Course…

So, it totally makes sense that the two weeks where I (a) Need Food and (b) Want to Get Back to Blogging, our mailman didn’t deliver the circulars (while tantalizingly giving them to the girl downstairs. Meh!). The first week I thought it was a fluke; this week when they didn’t come on Thurs. I thought about leaving a note. But maybe they’d come Friday, as they often do? Nope. Even Saturday, as is still common? Nope. Totally denied for two weeks.

So, I swung by Market Basket to pick up some stuff we’d run out of in the meantime (milk/bread/eggs) and picked up a flier–the rest I had to go online to do, which is fine, and what I do for Hannafords every week anyways (since I don’t get those), but it was still wicked inconvenient. But, onwards and upwards!

With New England heating bills arriving ($500.00 this month! Yippee!), I’m hoping to stock up on tons of the baking bargains for Christmas, while also posting our measures on conserving oil (first up…reflector radiator shields!) I will not post about what a waste of money this current online Biology class is, and the incompetency of the instructor that is taking up hours of my time. Other than it’s HER FAULT I haven’t blogged since August, when her class started.

But money must be saved, so here’s my list for this week, and I’m glad to Hopefully Be Back for Good.

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