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So, it looks like the Hannaford site circular is currently down…and I’m going to go to bed early to help fight off this cold. But I’ll try again tomorrow!

Have a good night, folks-



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Shaws Printable coupons here.

Shaw’s Split Chicken Breast $0.99/lb.
Use with Shaw’s Printable for $1.00/3+ lbs.

Shaw’s Pork Picnic Shoulder $0.99/lb.
Use with $1.00/1 Shoulder Shaw’s Printable

McIntosh, Cala, Empire, Cortland or Macoun Apples $0.59/lb.

Hood Ice cream 41.99

New England Coffee $2.77

Pepsi/Diet/Mountain 12 packs 3/$10.00 (Must buy 3)
use with $1.00/3 Shaw’s printable for

Lay’s B1G1 Free
Use with $1.00/2 Shaw’s Printable

General Mills Cereal 4/$10.00
Use with in-ad $4.00/10 coupon
Use with $1.00/3 GM coupon (9.13 GM)

NY Sirloin steak $4.99/lb.

In-Ad coupons:

Buy any Roast 3/lb.+ and get free with in-ad coupon:
Shaw’s marketfresh Maine Potatoes 5 lb. bag ($1.99) &
Shaws Yellow Onions 2 lb. Bag ($0.99) and
Farm Stand whole Carrots 1 lb. Bag ($0.69)

(Bottom Round Roast $2.99/lb.
Boneless Chuck Roast $2.99/lb.
Swift Premium Seven Rib Rib End Pork roast $2.99/lb.)

Buy 2 Coca Cola 20 oz. products and get a free Hershey’s king Size or Theatre Box Candy with in-ad coupon

Buy 1 Pack park beef Franks (16 oz), and 1 can or Hormel No Bean Chili (15 oz) and get a free bag of Fritos corn chips 9.5-11.5 oz up to $2.00

Tide $10.49
Use with $1.00/1 Tide coupon (9.27 PG)
For 1/$9.49

Bounty 8-Giant Roll $9.49
Use with $0.25/1 Bounty coupon (9.27 PG)
For 1/$9.24

Charmin Ultra Strong or Soft Bath Tissue 6 Mega or 12 Big Roll $6.49
Use with $0.25/1 Charmin coupon (9.27 PG)
for 1/$6.24

Pampers Diapers $17.99
Use with $1.00/1 Pampers coupon (8.30 PG-expires 9.30)
for 1/$16.99

Crest $1.49
Use with $1.00/2 Crest coupon (9.27 PG)
For 2/$1.98

Herbal Essences or Aussie Shampoo or Conditioner $2.49
Use with $1.00/1 Herbal Essences coupon (9.13 RP) or $2.00/2 Aussie coupon (9.13 RP)

B1 G1 Free:
Predue Nuggets, Regular Cutlets or Meatballs or Shortcuts
Hatfield Traditional Ham Steak
Bar S Double Smoked Bacon
Shrimp Ring
New England Asian Pears B1 Get two free
Ready Pac Bistro to Go Salads
Shaws Light Bread
Arnold BRead
JJ Nissen canadian, Wonder, or Nature’s Pride Bread
Thomas Hearty Muffins or Breakfast Blends
Carapelli Extra Virgin Olive Oil
L’Oreal mascara

Sabra Hummus with Pretzel Crisps
Celeste Pizza for One
Friendly’s Sundeas to Go
Hamburger Helper; use with $0.75/3 coupon (9.13 GM)
Betty Crocker Cookie Mix Pouches
Nissin Bowl Noodles
Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce
Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta
Joint Juice
Gatorade; buy 10 bottles and get 5 bottles of Propel free with in-ad coupon
Goya Sazon
Equaline Dietary Supplement
Colgate toothpaste or Toothbrush
Odwalla Nourishing Food Bar
O infused Water


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Perdue Boneless Chicken Breast B1G1 Free

80% Lean Ground Beef $1.99/lb.

S&S European Salads/Dole Salad Blends/Tomatoes/Asparagus $1.77

Dannon Yogurt 20/$8.00
Use with $1.00/10 Dannon coupon (8.16 SS)

Bounty 8-Rolls $9.99
Use with $1.00/1 Bounty coupon (9.27 PG)
For 1/$8.99

Soyjoy 5/$4.00
Use with $2.00/10 Soyjoy coupon (8.23 SS)
for 10/$7.00

Mama Rosies
Celeste Pizza for One
Birds Eye Vegetables
Hersheys King Sized Bars
Arizona Teas
Betty Crocker cake Mix
Ramen Noodles
Harvest Jar Candles
Hershey Theatre Box Candy
Trident/Dentene Gum; use with $1.00/3 Trident coupon (8.30 SS)

B1G1 Free:
Near East Rice Pilaf
Pepperidge farm cookies; use with $1.00/2 Pepperidge Farm coupon (9.27 SS)
Philadelphia Cream cheese
Plumrose Sliced Bacon
Nathan’s Beef Franks
S&S Cut Baby Peeled Carrots
S&S Shredded Cheese
Nature Made Supplements/Vitamins
Hillshire Farms Kielbasa or Smoked sausage
Plumrose Smoked Jam Steaks
Perdue Breaded Chicken nuggets or Cutlets
Steak Ummm Chuck Beef Burgers
Rondele Cheese Spreads or Pub Cheese
Farberware Kitchen Gadgets
Sylvania Decorative Bulbs

Hefty EZ Foil Buy 2 get 1 Free


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Looks like a pretty good week @ MB! Think I’m going to pick up those $0.79/lb. apples to get a head start on my husband’s favorite dessert: Apple Delight…which now that I search for a recipe link online, doesn’t seem to be posted anywhere. What a bizarre experience! Huh…maybe I’ll do a recipe post on that later then!

I also posted where the off-retail price savings were more than $1.00 off…let me know if this is helpful, not helpful, or just too much text!

Whole Chickens $0.89/lb.

7-Bone Beef Chuck Steak or Roast $1.79/lb.

NY Sirloin Steak $2.99/lb.

Schrod Haddock fillets $4.99/lb. ($2.00/lb. savings)

Krakus Polish Deli Ham $3.99/lb. ($2.00/lb. savings)

Land O Lakes American Deli cheese $3.59/lb.($1.40 savings/lb.)
Use with $1.00/1lb. + Land O Lakes coupon (8.30 SS)
for 1 lb/$2.59

Maine All Purpose Potatoes 5-lb. Bag $1.49

Progresso Vegetable Soups 5/$5.00
Use with two $0.50/2 Progresso coupons (9.13 GM)
for 5/$4.00

Kelloggs Value Pack sized Frosted Flakes, Mini Wheats, Fruit Loops and Raisin Bran 2/$6.00

Dannon Yogurt 10/$4.00
Use with $1.00/10 Dannon coupon (9.27 SS)
for 10/$3.00

M&M 27 oz. Bags $3.99 (save $2.00)
Use with $1.00/2 M&M coupon (9.27 RP)
for 2/$6.98

Bounty Paper Towels 15 pack $9.99 ($4.80 off reg. price)
Use with $0.25/1 Bounty coupon (8.30 PG)
for 1/$9.74

24 Pack Charmin Bath Tissue $9.99 ($4.80 off reg. price)
Use with $0.25/1 Charmin coupon (8.30 PG)
for 1/$9.74

Carolina Enriched Rice 20 lb. Bag $6.99 ($3.00 off reg.price); use with $0.55/1 River or Carolina Rice coupon (8.30 RP)
Carolina Jasmine Enriched Rice 20 lb. bag $12.000 ($3.00/reg price); use with $0.55/1 River or Carolina Rice coupon (8.30 RP)
Minute Rice 14 oz. 2/$3.00
Success Rice $2.99
Caroline Rice Mixes 2/$1.00; use with $0.75/2 Carolina Rice Mix coupon (8.30 RP)
River Rice 32 oz. (inc. Carolina bags) 2/$3.00; use with $0.55/1 River or Carolina Rice coupon (8.30 RP)
Minute Rice Ready to Serve 2/$3.00

Plainville Farms (All Natural/Vegetarian Fed/No: Phosphates/Growth Hormones/MSG/Nitrates):
Turkey Cutlets $3.99/lb. ($1.00/lb off Reg. Price)
Italian Mild Turkey Sausage $2.79
94% Lean Ground Turkey $2.29
93% Ground Turkey $2.99/lb. ($1.00/lb off Reg. Price)
Seasoned Turkey Tenderloins Teriyaki or SWest $2.59/lb. ($1.00/lb off Reg. Price)
Turkey Burgers $2.79/ 16 oz. package
Turkey Drumsticks $1.29/lb.
Half Young Turkey $1.49/lb.
Turkey Thighs $1.49/lb.
Turkey Wings $1.39/lb.

Boneless Pork Sirloin Cutlets $1.69/lb.

Chicken Leg Quarters $0.79/lb.

91% Lean Ground Beef Sirloin $3.29/lb.

Tyson Anytizer Honey BBQ Chicken Wings/32 oz. $6.49
use with $1.00/1 Tyson Anytizer Bag coupon (8.02 SS)
for 1/$$5.49

Tyson Anytizer Hot BBQ Chicken Wings/ 11 oz. $2.99
Use with $1.00/2 Tyson Breaded coupon (8.02 SS)
For 2/$4.98

Market Basket Cooked Chicken (Wings/Breast Strips/Popcorn/Tenders) $5.49

Jimmy Dean Egg Cheese Croissant $3.29 (save $1.50/Reg. Pr.)
Use with $1.50/2 Jimmy Dean Sandwich Items (9.20 RP)
for 2/$5.58

Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Muffin $4.29 (save $1.40/Reg.)

Banquet Brown and Serve  Pork Sausage $0.99

Jenni-O Turkey or Chicken Breast $4.99/lb.
Use with $1.00/1+ lb. Deli Meat Jennie O coupon (7.26 SS)
for 1 lb/$3.99

MB Rare Roast Beef $3.99/lb. (save$2.00/lb. off Reg. Price)

Delallo Olives $4.99/lb.

Salmon Fillets $5.99/lb.
Sea Scallops $8.99/lb. ($2.00/lb. off Reg. P)
Perch fillets $3.99/lb.
Lake Catfish Fillet $4.99/lb.
Filapia Fillets $4.99/lb.
Peruvian Bay Scallops $4.99/lb.
Mahi-Mahi Fillets $3.99/lb.

Cabot Sour Cream $0.99
Cabot Butter Quarters $1.99
Cabot American singles 2/$3.00
Cabot Cottage Cheese 2/$3.00
Cabot Whipped Cream 2/$3.00
Cabot Cheddar Slices 2/$4.00
Cabot Cheese Shreds $1.69

Yoplait Go gurt 8 pack 2/$4.00
Use with $0.75/2 Go Gurt Coupon (9.13 GM)
for 2/$3.25

Dannon Yogurt 6-packs 2/$3.00
Use with $1.00/2 Dannon 6-pack coupon (8.09 SS)
for 2/$2.00

Kate’s Butter milk $1.69 (when do you ever see Butter milk on sale???)

President Crumbled Feta $2.99/12 oz.
President Goat Cheese $4.99/11 oz. (save $2.00/Reg. P)

Rondele Garlic & cheese Spread 2/$5.00 (save $1.98/reg. pr.)

DiGiorno Pizza 2/$10.00 ($1.98 reg. price)
Use with b1-save $2.00 off the other- coupon (6.14 SS)
for 2/$8.00

MB Pasta 4/$3.00

Campbells Canned Pasta 5/$5.00

Pastene Kitchen Ready Tomatoes $0.99

Nestle Baking Morsels 2/$4.00
Use with $1.00/2 Nestle coupon (9.13 RP)
for 2/$3.00

Betty Crocker Pouch Muffin Mix 4/$3.00

M&M Fun Size Candy Bags 4/$10.00 ($3.96 off Reg. Price)
Use with two $1.00/2 M&M coupon (9.27 RP)
for 4/$8.00

Tide Detergent $10.99; use with $1.00/1 Tide coupon (9.27 PG)
Downy Fabric Softener $8.99; use with $1.00/1 Downy coupon (9.27 PG)
Bounce Fabric Soft Dryer Sheets $4.99; use with $0.25/1 Bounce coupon (9.27 PG)\
Dawn Detergent 2/$5.00; use with $0.25/1 coupon (9.27 PG)
Cascade Detergent $3.99; use with $0.25/1 coupon (9.27 PG)
Cascade Action Pacs $3.99; use with $0.50/1 coupon (9.27 PG)
Swiffer Duster Kit 2/$7.00; use with $0.50/1 coupon (9.27 PG)
Swiffer Sweeper $8.99; use with $1.00/1 coupon (9.27 PG)
Swiffer wet Jet $15.99; use with $5.00/1 Swiffer Starter kit coupon (9.27 PG)
Febreze Air Effects 2/$4.00; use with $1.00/1 coupon (9.27 PG)
Swiffer Wet Jet refill Packs $4.99
Pringles 4/$5.00; use with $1.00/4 Pringles coupon (9.27 PG)

Tote Bag Apples: Gala/Granny Smith/Red Delicious/McIntosh/Macoun $0.79/lb.

Plaintains 3/$1.00
Apple Cider $1.89/half Gallon
Broccoli Crowns $0.99/lb.
Summer or Zucchini Squash $0.79/lb.
Yellow Cooking Onions $0.89/2 lb.
Eggplant $0.89/lb.
Fall Squash (Acorn, Spaghetti, Butternut, Buttercup) $0.49/lb.


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There is a LINE between good-frugal and ridiculous. And I really, really should learn to get on the good side of that line in all circumstances…because somehow, there is a mechanism in my brain that will ALWAYS let me buy the $3.99 DeSomethings Cream Puffs at Market Basket (that are always $6.99 at Shaws), but WON’T let me buy a box of tissues without a coupon when I feel a cold coming on (and when my stash is depleted…how did that happen?).

That decision never goes well for me.  Because now I’m here with a nose is so sore I can’t even SMILE. Eeeeh. But, I stayed home from church today and slept in till oh, about an hour ago, so I’m going to get ready for the day, throw in a load of laundry, and put up blog posts (market basket first!) in between trying to get my house back in order, since really, who feels like cleaning when they’re sick? Not meeee….and then I’ll have my husband pick up some Puffs Premium with Aloe tissues and maybe some Panera soup on his way home. 🙂

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Perdue Roasting Chickens $0.89/lb.

Boneless Pork Loin $1.69/lb.

Bottom Round Roast $1.99/lb.

Swordfish $6.99/lb.

Asparagus $1.99/lb.

Tomaotes $0.99/lb.

Romaine hearts $1.69/22 oz.

Del Monte Canned Vegetables $o.69
Use with $1.00/5 Del Monte coupon (9.20 RP)

Chunky Soups 2/$3.00
Use with $1.00/4 Chunky Soup coupon (9.20 SS)
for 4/$5.00

Thomas English Muffins $0.99

Tostitos 2/$5.00

A&W/Seagrams/7up 2 liters $0.99

Smart Ones 5/$10.00, AND buy 5, get one free with in-store coupon.

Heinz Squeeze Ketchup 2/$4.00

80% Fresh Ground Beef $1.89/lb.

MB Italian Sausage $1.99/lb.

Carando Rare Roast Beef $4.99/lb.

Cod, Coho Salmon or Flounder Fillets $6.99/lb.

Bonne Maman Preserves 2/$6.00

Milk $2.69/Gallon
Simply smart Milk 2/$5.00; use with $1.00/1 coupon (9.13 SS)
Hood Cottage Cheese 2/$3.00; use with $1.00/2 coupon (8.39 SS)
Country Creamer $0.99; use with $1.00/2 coupon (8.30 SS)
Whipped Cream 2/$3.00
Sour Cream $0.99; use with $1.00/2 coupon (8.30 SS)
Simply Smart/Half & Half 2/$3.00
Milk Chugs $0.89; use with $1.00/2 coupon (7.19 SS)

Fage Greek Yogurt 2/$3.00

Kraft Cheese Shreds $1.69

St. Andre Triple Creme Brie $3.99/7  oz.

Pancakes 2/$3.00
Muffin Tops 2/$3.00
French Toast Sticks 2/$3.00
Swirlz 2/$3.00
Use with $1.00/2 Eggo Frozen 4 ct. or larger coupon (8.02 KB)

Post Cereal 2/$5.00

College Inn Broth 3/$2.00

Quaker Quakes 3/$3.00

Nantucket Nectars 3/$3.00

Hamburger or Hot Dog Rolls $0.99

Fiber One Breads (Full Line) 2/$4.00

McIntosh Apples $1.99/3 Lb. bag

Hass Avocados $0.89 each

Fresh Express Baby Blends 2/$4.00

Show pumpkins $0.29/lb.
Jumbo Pumpkins $6.99 each
Sugar pumpkins $0.29/lb.


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Geisha Chunk Tuna in Water $0.75

Select Harvest Soup 2/$3.00
Use with $1.00/4 Harvest Soup coupon (8.16 SS)
for 4/$5.00

Chef Boyardee canned Pasta $0.84

Breyers Yogurt Cups $0.45

Keebler Fudge Shop Cookies 2/$5.00
Use with $1.00/2 Keebler coupon (8.02 KB)
for 2/$4.00

Whole Young Chicken $0.69

Bonless Pork Sirloin Steak $1.19/lb.

Iceberg Lettuce $0.99

Boneless Strip Steak $5.99/lb.

American Cheese (Deli) $2.99/lb.

Red Vine Cluster Tomatoes $0.99/lb.

Carrots, 1 lb. bag $0.99

Navel Oranges $0.69 each

McIntosh Apples $0.89/lb.

Boneless Chuck Steak or Roast $2.49/lb.


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