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Beef Tenderloin Steak $7.69/lb.

Whole Beef Tenderloin, Trimmed, 3-5 lb. $6.49/lb.

Top Round Roast $1.79/lb.

Fresh Chicken Cutlets $2.99/lb.

Sara Lee Turkey Breast $4.99/lb.

Florida Butter & Sugar Corn 5/$1.79
Broccoli Crowns $1.29/lb.
Red Ripe Seedless Watermelon $0.49/lb.
Blackberries 2/$3.00
Cucumbers 2/$0.99
Fresh Gourmet Croutons $0.99
Sweet Vidalia Onions $0.79

Pepperidge Farm Swirl Bread 2/$4.00
Use with $1.00/2 Pepperidge farm coupon (2.22 SS)
for 2/$3.00

Yoplait Yogurt 8-Pack $3.99

Sylvania  60, 75, 100, globe 1 bulb $0.99
Flood Lights: 65, 75W, 3 Way, 1 bulb 2/$5.00 (save $10.98)
Sylvania Super Saver Micro Mini $4.99/2 pack
Syvania Super Saver 3 pack $2.99

Fresh Perdue Roasters $0.99

Bar-S Jumbo Chicken Franks $0.99

Pilgrim’s Pride Cooked Chicken wings $5.99
Use with $0.75/1 Pilgrim’s Pride coupon (1.25 SS)
for 1/$4.99

Healthy One’s Ham or Turkey $2.49/10 oz tub
Use with $0.75/1 Healthy One coupon (2.01 SS)
for 1/$1.74

Chobani Yogurt 5/$5.00

Danimals Smoothies $1.99
Use with $1.00/1 Danimals Coupon (3.01 SS)
for 1/$0.99

Laughing Cow Minis $1.99
Use with $1.00/1 Mini babybel cheese (3.29 SS)
for 1/$0.99

Smart Balance Butter Blend 2/$5.00
Use with two $1.00/1 Smart Balance coupons (2.01 RP)
for 2/$3.00

Smart Balance Heart Right Buttery Spread 2/$5.00
Use with two $1.00/1 Heart Right Coupons (4.19 RP)
for 2/$3.00

Ace of Diamonds/Market Basket/Bumblee Bee/Starkist Tuna 5/$5.00

Hunt’s Pasta Sauce 5/$5.00

Marconi Extra Virgin Olive Oil $4.99/33.5 oz bottle

Old El Paso Seasonings 2/$1.00

Old El Paso Shells 3/$3.00

McCormick Montreal Steak Grillmates Seasoning $1.99
Use with $1.00/2 McCormick Grill Mates coupon (4.19 RP)
for 2/$2.98

McCormick Grinders 2/$4.00
Use with $1.00/2 McCormick Grinder coupon (1.18 RP)
for 2/$3.00


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75% Lean Ground Beef $1.29/lb.

Boneless Skinless Chicken breast $1.79/lb.

Red Seedless Grapes $0.99

Southern Style Ribs $0.99/lb.

Cooked Ham (Hormel) $2.99/lb.

Hannaford Elbow Macaroni $0.87

Gl. Vitaminwater 5/$5.00

Hannaford Hamburger buns $0.99

Green Cabbage $0.49/lb.

Euro cucumbers 2/$3.00

Gold Sweet Potatoes $0.79

Limes 3/$1.00

Hann. Sour Cream $0.99

Chef Boyardee $0.84

Han. Macaroni & cheese Dinner $0.59

Banquet Meals $0.95

Gatorade 5/$5.00

Philadelphia Cream cheese $0.99

Cod $4.99/lb.

Boneless Sirloin Tips $3.99/lb.

Buddig Sliced Lunchmeats $0.69 each

Bar S Jumbo Franks $0.69 each

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Red Seedless Grapes $0.99

Chicken Boneless Breast $1.79

Weight Watchers Smart Ones 6/$10.00

Swordfish $5.99

Portabella Caps $0.99 each

Banquet Value Meals 10/$10.00
Stop & Shop Fr. Boxed Vegetables
Hood Singles or Kemp’s Parfaits

Sobe Lifewater $0.88

Knorr Pasta Sides: use with $1.00/3 Knorr coupon (4.05 UL)

Farberware Grill Tools b2g1 Free

Jokari Gadebts B2G1 Free

Purchase $10.00 of Old El Paso and get a free Shredded Cheese:
Dinner Kits 2/$5.00
Spice Packets & Refried Beans 10/$10.00

B1G1 Free:
Breyers Ice Cream; Use with $1.00/2 Breyers coupon (4.05 UL)
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
Freihofer’s Country Bread
Kraft Cracker Barrell Cheese
Yellow Onions 2 Lb. Bag
Plumrose Sliced Bacon
Olive Oil
Wise Chips
Plumrose ham Steaks
Kellogg’s Special K Bars; Use with $1.00/4 Coupon (4.05 RP)
Valley Fresh Steamers; Use with $1.00/1 Coupon (4.05 SS1)
KLool-aid powder
Ball Park meat Franks
Schiff Move free
S&S Plastic Cups
Louis Kemp crab or lobster delights


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Jennie-O Fresh Turkey Breast $0.99

Shoulder Steak for London Broil $1.89/lb.

Dole Bananas $0.39/lb.

Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops $1.99/lb.
Use with $1.00/3 Shaw’s Printable

Buy 10 Kellogs/Keebler/Eggo/Sunbeam products (10/$25.00) and get two free Movie Cash tickets

Quilted Northern/Brawny $5.99
Use with $1.00/1 Brawny Shaw’s Printable
for 1/$4.99

Red Baron Pizza 3/$10.00
Use with $1.00/2 Red Baron coupon (3.01.09 RP)
and $1.00/3 Shaw’s Printable for

General Mills Cereal 4/$10.00
Buy 4 and get a coupon for milk up to $4.50 with your next purchase
Use with $1.00/3 Gen. Mills coupon (4.05 SS1)
for 4/$9.00 + Milk

Buy 2 Bags of Malt-O-Meal Cereal and get 1 Free with in-ad coupon

Crystal Light 3/$6.00
Buy 3 and get a free 24-pack of Shaw’s water with in-ad coupon
Use with B2G1 Free coupon (3.29 SS)
and get 4/$6.00 + a free water

Buy 2 participating products and get a free Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

Pick 4 Packages of Produce for $7.99:
Strawberries, Blackberries, Blueberries 2/$5.00
Grape Tomatoes, Peeled Carrots or Cauliflower, Fresh Spinach or Peppers 2/$5.00
Red Potatoes or Yellow Onions 2/$5.00
CA Navel Oranges 2/$5.00
McINtosh or Empire Apples 2/$5.00
Mushrooms 2/$5.00
Cantaloupe 2/$5.00
Ocean Spray Craisins 2/$5.00
Natrually Fresh Organic Salad Dressing 2/$5.00
Mann’s Organic Veg. Medley 2/$5.00
Organic White Mushrooms 2/$5.00

B1G1 Free:
Friendly’s Ice Cream
Ball Park Franks
Fresh Ground Turkey (Jennie-O)
Bar-S Bacon
Pier 33 Mussells in Butter Garlic
Sunkist Almond Slices
Asian Sensations Appetizers B1G1 Free

Shoppers Value Pizza
Shaw’s Whipped Topping
Tuttorosso Tomatoes
Del Monte Vegetables
Equaline Toothpaste
Kleenex; Use with $1.00/4 Kleenex Coupons
Prince Pasta; Use with $1.00/6 Shaw’s Printable
Gl. Vitaminwater or Smartwater; Use with tear-pad coupons found at local gas stations
Knorr Lipton sides; Use with $0.75/2 Knorr Coupon (4.05 UL)–doubled to $1.50/2…each is only $0.25!
Hunt’s Pasta Sauce
Pretzels/Cheese Curls
Easy Mac
Powerade; buy 10, get 5 Free
Shaw’s Bread
1 Gal. Poland Springs
Wise Chips
Sobe Lean or Lifewater
Canned Fruit
Sour Cream
Odwalla Bar
Shaw’s Ice Cream cones
Cranberry Sauce
Grated Parm. cheese
Shaw’s Tissues
Shaw’s Rice Mix
Shaw’s Barbeque Sauce
Equaline Dental Floss
Polar Soda
Shaw’s Coffee Filters


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Rib and Sirloin End Pork Chops $0.99/lb.

Young Roasting Chicken $0.69/lb.

Bottom Round Roast $1.49/lb.

Iceberg Lettuce $0.99

Land O Lakes American Cheese $3.99/lb.

Hannaford Shredded Cheese $1.99

Wish Bone Dressing 2/$3.00
Use with $1.25/2 Dressing (3.15.09 RP)
for 2/1.75

Cucumbers $0.69

Scallions 2/$2.00

Red Grapefruit $0.69

Russett Potatoes $0.79/lb.

Blackberries 2/$4.00

Kiwi 3/$1.00

Haddock Filet $3.99

Hannaford Shredded Wheat $1.99

Hunt’s Spaghetti Sauce $0.99

Ace of Diamonds Chunk White tuna 5/$5.00

Blue Bonnet Margerine $0.99

Glaceau Vitamin Water 5/$5.00

Sparkle Paper Towels $5.99
Use with $1.00/1 Sparkle Coupon (4.15.09 RP)
for 1/$4.99

French’s Mustard 2/$3.00
Use with $1.00/2 French’s Coupon (1.18.09 SS)
for 2/$2.00

Chicken Leg Quarters $0.79/lb.


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My apologies for the late deals! Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’m insanely busy studying for my finals (TWO WEEKS!), and this past Sunday, our church trekked down to Boston to listen to John Piper speak at Park Street church–depriving my of my early chance to grab the circular. But, posting will be more timely once these finals are out of the way, and I have a TON of post ideas that I’m dying to write on, as well as a list of blog improvements I want to make…so if you have any suggestions, things you’d like to see, etc. let me know! 🙂 Again, thanks for all your patience as I finish up school for the year!

Beef Round Roast $1.79/lb.

Boneless and Skinless Chicken Breast $1.99/lb.

Fancy Turkey Breast $2.99/lb.

Fresh Swordfish Steaks $6.99/lb.

Romaine Hearts 2/$3.00

Joseph’s Hummus 16 oz. or Taboule 14 oz. 2/$5.00

English Muffins $0.99

Skippy Peanut Butter $2.99/30% more jar
Use with $0.40/1 Skippy Coupon (4.05.09 SS
for 1/$$2.59

MB Steamed Veggies $0.99

Dove Soap 6-Pack $4.99
Use with in-store coupon for $3.99

Cottonelle 24 pack $4.99
Use with $1.00/2 Cottonelle Coupon (3.29.09 SS)
for 2/$8.98

Annie’s Sale:
Macaroni & Cheese 3/$3.00
Shells & White Cheddar $9.99/12-pack
Deluxe Macaroni & Cheese 3/$5.00
Pasta Meals 3/$5.00
Natural Salad Dressing 2/$5.00
Grahams & Cheese Crackers 2/$5.00
Annie’s Cereal $3.49

93% Extra Lean Ground Beef $2.89/lb.

Beef Loin Sirloin Tips $4.49/lb.

Thai Kitchen Noodle Bowls and Noodle Cards 4/$5.00
Use with two $1.00/2 Thai Kitchen Coupons (3.15 RP)
for 4/$3.00

Hood Sour Cream $0.99
Use with $1.00/2 Hood Coupon (4.05 RP)
for 2/$0.98

Hood Simply Smart Milk 2/$5.00
Use with two $1.00/1 Simply Smart coupons (3.08 SS)
for 2/$3.00

Sargento Shredded Cheese 2/$4.00
Use with $1.00/2 Sargento coupon (1.25 SS)
for 2/$3.00

Breyers Ice Cream $2.99
Use with $0.75/1 Breyers coupon (4.05 UN)
for 1/$2.74

Pepsi/Max/Sierra Mist/Mt. Dew 2 liters $0.99

Ken’s Salad Dressings 2/$4.00
Use with two $0.35/1 Ken’s Dressing Coupon (3.08.09 SS)

French’s Mustard 2/$3.00
Use with $1.00/2 French’s Coupon (1.18.09 SS)
for 2/$2.00

Ortega Soft Taco Dinners 2/$4.00
Use with $1.00/2 Ortega Coupon (4.19.09 SS)
for 2/$3.00

Kleenex Tissue Boxes $0.99
Use with $1.00/4 Kleenex Coupon (4.05.09 SS)
for 4/$2.96

Cottonelle Bath Tissue 4-Pack $4.99
Use with $1.00/2 Cottonelle Coupon (3.29 SS)
for 2/$8.98

Huggies $7.99
Use with $1.50/1 Huggies Coupon (4.19 SS)
for 1/$6.49

Apples $0.99
Mangoes 2/$1.00
Baby Blends (Fresh Express) 2/$4.00
Green Beans $0.89
Artichokes $0.79 each
Peeled Baby Carrots $0.99


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Best Deal: Wish-Bone Salad Dressing; Use with $1.25/2 Wish Bone Coupon (3.15 RP) for 2/$0.75 ($0.37 each)

Top Round London Broil $1.79/lb.

Strawberries 2 lb. package $2.99

Stouffer’s Entrees 5/$10.00
Recipes, Classics, Selects or French Bread Pizza. 6 Oz-21 Oz Pkg. All Varieties. (Excludes Family Size Recipes and Skillets.)
Use with two $1.00/2 Stouffer’s Corner Bistro Coupons (3.15.09 SS)
for 5/$8.00

Kellogg’s Cereal 2/$4.00
Use with two $1.00/1 Kellogg’s Cereal coupon (4.05.09 RP)
for 2/$2.00

Dannon Yogurt 20/$10.00
Use with two $1.00/10 Dannon coupon (3.15 SS)
20/$8.00 ($0.40 each)

Cucumbers 4/$3.00
Tomatoes on the Vine $2.69/lb.

White Gem Roasting Chicken $0.99/lb.

Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers 2/$6.00: use with $1.00/2 printable or $1.00/2 (4.05 SS)
for 2/$5.00

Simply Smart Milk 2/$6.00
Use with $1.00/1 Simply Smart Coupon (3.08.09 SS)
for 2/$4.00

Get a Free S&S Hamburger Roll package when you buy 1 Lloyd’s Shredded Chicken or BBQ Pork or Beef

Buy $15.00 of participating GM, Scott Naturals or Clorox Green and get five free reuseable shopping bags:
Honey Nut Cheerios $2.99
Fiber One/Cinammon Toast Crunch Chewy Bars; Use with $1.00/1 Fiber One Bars coupon (3.08 SS)
Progresso Vegetable Classics Soup
Old El Paso Taco Dinner Kits
Cascadian farms Cereal 2/$6.00; Use with two $1.00/1 Cascadian farms coupon (2.22 SS) for 2/$4.00
Betty Crocker fruit Snacks 2/$4.00; Use with $1.00/3 betty crocker coupon (3.08 SS)
Yoplait Yo-Plus 4-Pack; Use with $1.00/1 coupon (3.29 SS)
Toaster Strudels 2/$4.00; Use with $1.00/2 Toaster Strudel coupon (2.08 GM)
Clorox Greenworks 20% off
Muir Glen Soup $2.49; use with $1.00/1 Muir Glen coupon (2.08 SS) or printable for 1/$1.49
Chex Mix Bars 2/$5.00
Green giant Valley Fresh Steamers 2/$4.00; Use with $1.00/1 Green Giant Coupon (4.05 SS)
Scott Naturals Mega Roll Paper Towels 3/$5.00
Scott Naturals Bath Tissue 2/$7.00

B1G1 Free:
John Morrell Hardwood Smoked Sliced Bacon
Hebrew National Beef Franks: use with $1.00/1 printable coupon
Plumrose Sliced Lunchmeats
Smart Living charcoal
Pedrini Kitchen Gadgets

Powerade Buy 10, Get 5 Free

Sylvania CFL Bulbs B1G2 Free (save $19.98)

Prince Pasta
Celeste Pizza
Knorr Pasta Sides: Use with $1.00/3 Knorr Coupon (1.18.09 RP)
Chicken of the Sea tuna
Wish-Bone Salad Dressing; Use with $1.25/2 Wish Bone Coupon (3.15 RP) for 2/$0.75
Del Monte Vegetable
Stop & Shop Cream Cheese Bar
Renuzit Air Freshener
Ripe Avocadoes
Stop & Shop White Gem Drumsticks or Thighs Chicken. 3 lbs or More. / Twin Pack Whole Chicken
Polar Seltzer 2 liter
Poland Spring 3 liters
Dasani Essence Water
Gerber 2nd Foods 2 pack
CareOne Liquid Nail Polish Remover
Kleenex Facial Tissues
Guaranteed Value napkins
Summer Vinyl Placemats


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