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To say that I shop at CVS is a vast understatement; I’m there not only snagging deals (though not as often of late), but I also pick up my prescriptions and satisfy any 11-PM Combos & Doritos needs there. I also journal, and thus, generally TRY to be aware of my surroundings; female safety and all that also comes into play. So when I learned that there was a minute clinic in my CVS, my first thought was ‘Where? In the chairs by the pharmacy?” Only after some extensive visualization did I remember a door to the side with a computer in front of it. I don’t know what I thought it was–a store room or something–but when I re-played my CVS in my head, that was the only location that made sense.

To start at the beginning:

I’ve been coughing. Coughing so badly that I’ve been to the point of throwing up. Coughing so badly that I decided to take TWO doses of Nyquil, knowing full well that taking 1 ml over the recommended dose ONCE a night, makes me throw up the next morning. I decided throwing up (which I did indeed) was worth getting an extra few hours of sleep. I went to CVS at 5 AM one night to get some Robitussin DM Max for Adults the next night. It did nothing.

My husband and I had been blaming it on the dry air, but this was getting ridiculous. We got a humidifier. No change. So I called my doctor, and was told they couldn’t give me any prescriptions over the phone, and oh, the earliest appointment was 5 days away. I nearly cried.

But then, my smart husband emailed¬† “Why not try a clinic?”

A clinic? Hm. It was worth a shot! And once I found MinuteClinic, and learned that there was one INSIDE MY CVS, well, the decision was made.

So I signed in on the big, 32″ computer-screen station that I’d totally ignored, right under the big “minute clinic” sign I’d totally ignored, and was placed at No. 5 on the list. Each person seen for a “visit” takes about 20 minutes; if they come for a “shot” it’s generally about 10 minutes. So 50 minutes later, I’m in what I thought was a storeroom…and greeting My. Old. Doctor. So, automatic good assurance of quality care–she was my favorite doctor (or rather, RN, technically, I think) too!

My insurance was accepted just fine (I called ahead to check; even if it wasn’t, it’s $62.00 for a illness visit); she listened to my symptoms, took my blood pressure, temperature, and listened to my heart & breathing, felt lymph nodes or neck swelling or something. She gave me a diagnosis of acute bronchitis, and I walked out with an inhaler, daytime and nighttime cough medicines, and antibiotics. Now, I’d read that some doctors had criticized minute clinics for over-prescribing antibiotics, but she fully explained why I needed them, and explained their benefits…and besides, she was my old doctor! MinuteClinic doctors are also ONLY allowed to prescribe what the computer spits out…an extra safeguard, I assume.

Thus was my weekend, and the next few days at work, saved from much agony. I’m sleeping now, I’m feeling better, and I not only paid just as little as I would with the doctor, it saved me money by allowing me to go after work, instead of having to take time off, and was definitely quicker. So, I’m now a believer in MinuteClinics, and would highly recommend them if you’ve got a common condition and can’t get to your doctor for some reason. And that’s what worked for me!

See more WFMW @ We Are That Family.


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Yes! I hadn’t seen these at my CVS before, so I was very excited to pick one up yesterday:

(Sorry for the photo quality, I used my phone!) I’m sure most have heard by now, but with the CVS Green Bag Tag, you attach it on to a reusable bag, and they scan it every time you bring it into the store–for every fourth visit, you get a free ECB. This is even MORE perfect timing, because I got it the same day I went to Jo-Ann’s fabric to make some of the projects from “One-Yard Wonders“–including the reusable, squishable sack.

I’ve sadly cut WAY back on my CVS trips, since I’m so often short of time when I’m in class, but while I’m on break, I’m always glad to make a stop or two; so yesterday, I picked up 2 Olay Regenerist Facial Cleansers for $10.something with coupons, and then submitted for a $15.00 rebate. Simple enough, and it definitely brought back the thrill of the chase! Can’t wait to see what’s on sale this week…

And, in the meantime, for everyone snowed-in by this storm (like me!) keep safe and warm and happy! I’m off to sew!

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I’ve been sort of on a couponing sabbatical this summer–I look here and there, but mostly stuck to mall deals. But this week–I’m back in the game! And I think I needed that break, especially since more often than not, I’ve had Friday’s off, and we leave Thursday only to get back late Saturday or Sunday (and yeah, that’ll be the case again this weekend), which barely leaves time to blog, never mind do the actual shopping!

But this week’s sales were too good to miss, and since we have Bible Study tomorrow and then we leave for Fire Island Thursday, I had to fit it all in tonight. Here were the results, with which I am well pleased:

Stop No. 1: Target

Target Stop

Target Stop

Air Wick:
Normal Price: $11.99 / On Sale: $5.99
Minus Coupon:$6.00 (8.9 SS)
=$.01 overage

Bic Pens, 2 packages:
Normal Price: $2.00 each / Sale Price: $1.00 each (I didn’t have the $0.50 ones @ my Target)
Minus coupons: Target $1.00/2 printable & Bic $1.00/2 (8.9 SS)

Sharpie Highlighter $0.99
Minus $1.00/1 printable coupon here (PDF–scroll to last page)
=$0.01 overage

Total OOP: $0.00
Total Savings: $22.98

Stop No. 2: Staples!

Staples Stop

Staples Stop

Back-to-School Rebate Week!

Handyline Dry Erase 3-Pack $3.99 OOP
Rebate: $3.99
Final: $0.00

6 1-Subject notebooks: $0.01 each
Total OOP: $0.06

2 Packages of 120-count college-ruled paper $0.79 each
Total OOP: $1.58

2 reams of 500 count paper $4.99 each
Rebate: $3.99
Total OOP: $2.00

Total OOP:$16.59
After Rebates, OOP: $4.62

Stop No. 3: CVS

CVS Stop

CVS Stop

Just a quick stop to pick up the free Revlon Foundation:

Cost: $9.99, on sale from $13.99
Minus Revlon coupon: $1.00 (7.19 SS)
ECB’s OOP: $9.00
ECB’s Back: $9.99

Unfortunately, I tried some on, and while it matches my skin tone really well, the perfume-y smell of it made me sooo nauseous. ūüė¶

Stop No. 4: Rite-Aid

Rite-Aid Stop

Rite-Aid Stop

My Rite-Aid was out of a lot of items, and I also had trouble since they had marked the 60 watt bulbs also down to the $2.50 sale price, but they were ringing up at $7.99. Had to return it and switch it out with the manager, who was decent–she even refunded me for the coupon since there was a customer waiting.

Kotex $0.99
My coupons wouldn’t print for this! ūüė¶ Bought it anyways though.

Carefree: $0.99
Coupon: $-1.00/1 printable
Total OOP: $0.00
I would have bought 2 with both coupons, but the coupon specified “Ultrafree”–it went through just fine though on the normal brand above!

Snickers: $0.50 each
Coupon: -$1.00/2 (7.26 RP)
Total OOP: $0.00

GE Lightbulbs: $2.50 each
Coupon: -two $1.00/1 printable coupons
Total OOP: $3.00
After $2.00 Rebate: $1.00/2 (Though with the extra refund the manager intentionally gave me, I got both for free!)

Total OOP before Rebate: $2.99
Total OOP after Rebate: $0.99

Stop No. 5: Walgreens

Walgreens Stop

Walgreens Stop

2 Reach toothbrushes and 1 Listerine: 3/$9.00 (I didn’t have any discounted ones like others are reporting)
Use 1 $3/3 coupon from the 8/2 SS
Total OOP: $6.00
Register Rewards: $6.00

2 neosporin for $7.98
2 two $1/1 coupons from 8/2 inserts or $1/1 printable coupon (IE Link) or FF Link
OOP: $5.98
Register Rewards: $4.00

6 Highlighters or Scented Gel Pen @ $0.19 each after in-ad coupon:
Total OOP: $1.14

2 Two-Pocket Folder @ $0.19 each after in-ad coupon:
Total OOP: $0.38

Penway Filler Papers @ $0.49 after in-ad coupon:
Total OOP: $0.49

Penway One Subject Notebook @ $0.49 after in-ad coupon:
Total OOP: $0.49

Stayfree Maxi pads (16-24 count)–$1.99
Buy 2 and use B1G1 coupon from 6/28 SS
$0.99 each after coupon

Lysol Toilet Bowl cleaner–2/$3
Use $1/2 coupon from the 7/12 inserts or $0.50/1 printable coupon
$1 each after coupon

I got a raincheck for the Jergens Lotion, though I always forget if RR work with rainchecks…anyone else know?

Total OOP: $19.43 (on gift card from Easy Check Rebate program *sniff*)
After Register Rewards, only $9.43 OOP

I also stopped at Shaws, but that’s a separate post since this one is long enough!!!

So, for my non-food shopping:
Total OOP, including gift cards & ECBs: $48.00
Total OOP after R. Rewards, ECBs, & Rebates: $15.04

Not too bad!

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Ugh, what an exhausting week! And even worse, it’s been one where nothing really gets done that’s noticeable. Anyways, my apologies for lack of posts, but I plan to have Shaws and Stop & Shop up tomorrow (night, I should specify), God-willing.

As sort of a random update, I DID end up calling our post office since we again didn’t get the circulars. My local branch called back while I was at work, so hopefully that’ll get resolved tomorrow, and I can blog Shaws/Market Basket/Stop & Shop all at once before they appear online!

But for now, coupons are clipped and ready, the dishes are done, pork chops are thawing, I was able to complete a PineCone Research survey (after cashing my first check from them today), and I have lots of blog posts “in the hopper” as my husband would say. So I suppose that’ll do for now.

Two minor FYI notes:
1.) Watch your inboxes…I got a $5/$30 CVS coupon today!

2.) Ideeli ( http://www.ideeli.com/invite/nesaving ) is having a limited-time only Lanvin tote giveaway…sign up and enter while you can!

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This was one of those so-hectic-nearly-every-hour-was-scheduled-weeks. And even then, I couldn’t budget enough time to comfortably study for the two tests and one quiz I have coming up, so I took a half-day for this Monday.

So, I had to fit in my deal-grabbing in about 2 hours max…and I got it allll done in 1 hr. 50 minutes–which for me is phenomenal, since I generally take forever to find, re-check, confirm coupons, organize, mentally calculate, etc. I nearly always have to grab a seat in the CVS/Walgreens prescription waiting areas just to get my act together!

Stop No. 1: Stop & Shop

img_2567The Steamers were free, and everything else was on sale with a coupon. No, not the healthiest, but I have a leftover childhood fondness for Chef Boyardee Spaghetti over Toast with Milk. I know it sounds like the grossest thing EVER, but…can’t seem to shake it. *sigh*
Total OOP: $12.49, Total Savings: $10.25

Stop No. 2: Shaws


I mainly came for the hummus, which worked out to two tubs for $1.29. They were B1G1 @ $3.49, and I had two $0.55/1 Tribe coupons, which were then doubled. The pork chops were cheap enough, though a rather spontaneous buy. It’ll be a nice change in the meal rotation!
Total OOP: $13.91, Total Savings: $16.41

Stop No. 3: CVS


CVS wasn’t the best, since it seems like our flyer was different than what most of the other bloggers posted. I didn’t see the same prices or the same sales…though I took a chance that they might ring up that way. They didn’t, so I technically lost about $4.74 in ECBs, but I had enough to burn that I didn’t mind taking that risk. And I needed makeup pads!
OOP: $0.00 (-prescriptions), ECBs: $5.00 ($4.74 burned)

Stop No. 4: Walgreens

img_2575I was so psyched about these free cleaners…when I first started couponing, I tried waiting till they went on sale; found that didn’t work, and have since resorted to buying them at Big Lots (though I’m thinking of switching to Ocean State Job Lot since an employee told me they take coupons). But I’ll take them free at Walgreens any day!
The two Drainos were 2/$5.00
Used two $1.50/1 Draino Printables
Will get $2.00 back in rebates
The two Scrubbing Bubbles were 2/$3.00
Used a $3.00/2 Scrubbing Bubbles coupon (which didn’t scan in, but the manager manually entered it)
And will get back $2.00 in rebates (Limit 4 for the cleaners)

Glade Sense & Spray $8.99 each
Use a B1G1 Free coupon and a $4.00/1 coupon for 2/$4.99, and will get back $6.00 in rebates.

The Garnier Wave Shampoo ($4.29) and Revlon Cream Gloss ($9.99) I used $1.00/1 coupons, and will get back the full price rebate.

So, after the rebates come I’ll have made $3.00 there.

A very satisfying week, and to top it off…I got over 21 Swagbucks this week! Which means I’m only days away from a $20.00 Target gift card…earned in only a little over a month. By FAR my favorite little-extra-income method! ūüôā

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CVS Trip

I have been holding off for SO. LONG. now on buying toilet bowl cleaner and Woolite. Long enough to have run out, and resorted to unorthodox cleaning techniques. And long enough to let a small pile of hand-washables start to creep out of their little area.

And I didn’t care that they weren’t free, didn’t have a rebate, whatever. I had coupons for the Dove, Lysol, and Head & Shoulders, as well as a $5/$15 CVS catalina, so it only came up to $8.36, with $3.00 in ECBs printing and a total savings of $14.28.


Walgreens Trip

I actually did two trips to Walgreens: my quest for the Orajel $8.00 rebate culminated yesterday 45 minutes north, where I found it in stock, along with some free Reynolds Aluminum Foil and some more candy that um, got eaten. Along with the missing 4th Whipps above. I love it when candy’s free though…paid nothing for them, and even got some overage applied to the $0.99 plates, which turned out to be $0.82. Yesterday, I paid $8-something on my Walgreens gift card, will get $8.49 back in the rebate, plus the $8.00 Manufacturer’s rebate! Hurrah!

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OK, so CVS worked out a LOT Better than I thought it would, thanks to a $5/$15 coupon that I got, AND remember that $30.00 coupon for the $15.00 Bayer Contour? I got $15.00 worth of overage applied to my total. AMAZING.

THEN, all those Excedrin bottles had $1.00/1 peelies on them, so I got to stack that $3.00 worth of coupons with my 2 other $2.00/1 coupons.

Since there’s not too much, I’ll just post how it worked out:

2 Pantene 2/$7.00
1 Coupon:    -$3.00/2
OOP:                $4.00
ECBs:               $2.00

1 Bayer Contour $14.99
1 coupon:               -$30.00
Overage:                   $15.00
Rebate:                      $14.99 (not $9.99 as advertised!)

1 Schick Intuition $8.99
1 coupon                 -$2.00
OOP:                            $6.99
ECBs:                           $5.00

3 Excedrin:
1 Back & Body 24 Ct.  $4.79
1 Peelie & 1 Coupon  -$3.00
OOP:                                  $1.79

1 80-Ct Express Tablets $11.49
1 Peelie & 1 coupon         -$3.00
OOP:                                         $8.49

1 20-ct Express Gels         $5.49
1 Peelie                                  -$1.00
OOP:                                         $4.49

Excedrin ECBs: $10.00
Excedrin Rebate for the 20-Ct Express Gels: $6.99 (Must be bought & postmarked by 12.31.08-tomorrow!)

2 Blistex                     $1.98
1 coupon:                 -$1.00
OOP:                             $0.98

2 Mint Tins on sale 75% off: $1.00 OOP
1 Skintimate Shaving Lotion: $2.99 (I was out!)

Total OOP merchandise only:  $30.73
Minus $15.00 Overage
Minus $5/$15 Coupon + tax

=$11.24 OOP (Which was paid for with rollover ECBs)
+$22.00 in ECBs
+$21.98 in cash rebates

…so, if you have that Bayer coupon & your CVS applies overage, it’s worth your while to go!

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