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Hannaford Bros. Supermarket

Pork Sirloin Steak $1.29/lb.

Boneless Strip Steak or 1-1.25 lb. Lobsters $4.99/lb.

Cantaloupe $1.49

Turkey Breast Deli Meat $5.99/lb.

Lays Chips 2/$4.00

Hannaford Bake & Rise Pizza $3.99

24-Pack Coke $4.99

Kiwi 3/$1.00

Limes $0.25 each

Buy 2 Planters & 2 Nabisco and get $5.00 off
use with $1.00/2 planters coupon (12.13 SS) and $1..0/2 Nabisco coupon (12.13 SS)

Pillsbury Moist Supreme Cake Mix $1.00
Use with $1.00/2 Pillsbury coupon from MB Booklet

Perdue Perfect Portions Chicken Breasts $5.99

Pork Picnic $0.89

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NY Strip Steak $4.99

Pepsi 12-packs 4/$11.00

Dole/Stop & Shop Salad Blends 2/$4.00

Minute Maid Orange Juice 2/$4.00

Kraft Shredded Cheese 2/$4.00
Use with $1.00/2 Kraft coupons (11.22 SS)

Stacy’s Pita chips 2/$4.00
Use with $1.00/1 Stacy’s coupon (11.15 SS)

Kelloggs Cereal 3/$8.00
Buy 3 and get a free pop-tarts 12 pack
Use with $1.00/2 Kelloggs coupon (12.13 RP)

Wise Chips 2/$4.00

Cool Whip
Pasta Roni or Rice a Roni
Kleenex Tissues; use with $1.00/4 kleenex coupons (11.01 SS)

B1G1 Free:
Cut Baby Peeled Carrots
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish
California Pizza Kitchen
Ball Park Beef or Meat Franks
Post Honey Bunches of Oats; use with $1.00/2 Post coupons (12.06 SS)
Hood Sour Cream; use with $1.00/2 Hood coupon (12.13 RP)
Plumrose Premium Sliced Bacon
SoBe Lifewater
Campbell’s Select Soup
Werther’s Original
Fiber One Premium Breads
Hefty EZ Foil
Sylvania Compact Bulbs

Save $0.10/gallon of gas when you buy:
Acadia Water 24 pack $3.88
S&S Clear Splash 4/$3.00
S&S 12 pack Seltzers 4/$10.00
S&S Apple Juice 2/$3.00
S&S Natural Cheese 2/$4.00
S&S Cream Cheese 3/$4.00
S&S Instant Oatmeal 2/$4.00
S&S Pitted Olives 4/$5.00
S&S Plastic Cups 10/$10.00

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Shaws printable coupons are here.

80% Lean Ground Beef $1.79/lb.

Pepsi, Diet, Mountain Dew, Glaceau Vitaminwater 2 liters $0.88

Near East Rice Pilaf or Couscous $0.88

Stouffers Lean Cuisine $1.99
Use with $1.00/3 Stouffers coupon (9.13 RP)

Lays Chips or Rod’s Pretzels 2/$5.00

Shaw’s Split Chicken Breasts B1G1 Free

Fresh Blackberries $0.99

Doritos B1G1 Free

TGI Fridays Appetizers 2/$5.00

Purex Detergent B1G1 Free

Quilted Northern or Brawny 8-Roll Paper Towels $5.99

Lloyds or ChiChis Meat Tubs B1G1 Free
Use with $1.00/1 Lloyds coupon (11.01 SS)

RediServe Chicken Patties B1G1 Free

Nathans Sausage or Polska Kielbasa B1G1 Free

Cocktail Sauce or Tartar sauce B1G1 Free

Wholly Guacamole B1G1 Free
Use with $1.00/1 Wholly Guacamole coupon (10.25 SS)

Wise Potato Chips or Pretzels B1G1 Free

Hostess Bagged Donuts B1G1 Free

Freihofer’s Italian Bread B1G1 Free

College Inn Broth $0.89
Use with $1.00/3 College Inn coupon (11.15 RP)

Kelloggs Cereal $1.69
Use with $1.00/2 Kelloggs coupon (12.13 RP)

Farmstand Vegetables Tray $9.99
use with $1.00/1 Shaw’s printable coupon

Shaw’s (homelife) Party Cups 2/$5.00
use with $1.00/2 Shaw’s printable coupon

Shaw’s Culinary Circle Pizza $4.99
use with $1.00/2 Shaw’s Printable coupon

Celeste Pizza for One
Brown Cow Greek Yogurt
Shaws Boullion or Mushroom Pieces
Shaws Pudding Snacks
Shaws Aluminum Foil
Scotties tissues; use with $1.00/5 Scotties coupon (12.13 RP)

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Carando Spiral Half Ham $1.79/lb.

Shrimp Rings:
10 oz 71-90 ct 2/$8.00
12 oz. 71-90 ct 2/$9.00
16 oz. 41-50 oz. 2/$12.00
36 oz. 26-30 ct. $19.99

Tide 100 oz. Detergent $9.99
Use with $0.35/1 Tide coupon (11.29 PG)

Pepsi Cubes (24 pk) $4.99

Arnold Whole Grain Bread 2/$5.00

Charmin Bath Tissue $5.99
Use with $0.25/1 Charmin coupon (12.27 PG)

DiGiorno Pizza 2/$10.00

Hass Avocadoes $0.79 each

Grape Tomatoes 2/$3.00

Tyson Cooked Chicken $4.59
Tyson Anytizer Chicken Wings $6.49
Use with $1.00/1 Tyson Frozen Breaded Chicken Bags (10.11 SS)

Sorrento Ricotta Chese 2/$5.00
Use with $1.00/1 Sorrento coupon (11.15 SS)

Sorrento ? (The picture shows Sargento) shredded cheese 2/$4.00
Use with $1.00/2 Sargento coupon (11.15 SS) if it’s Sargento that’s on sale!

Chung’s Mini Eggrolls $3.99/20 ct.

Farmrich Mozzarella Sticks $4.89

Celeste Pizza for One 5/$5.00

Jose Ole Taquitos $3.99
Use with $1.00/1 Jose Ole coupon (12.13 SS)

Pastene Pasta 5/$5.00

Ace/Bumble Bee/Chicken of the Sea/StarKist Chunk White Tuna 5/$5.00

Hellmann’s Mayo $2.99
Use with $1.00/2 Hellmann’s coupon (11.15 RP)

Bear Creek Soup Mixes 2/$4.00

Cedar’s Pita Chips 2/$4.00

Pepsi/Mountain Dew/Max 2 liters $0.99

Bounce Dryer Bar $6.99
Use with $0.50/1 Bounce Dryer Bar coupon (12.27 PG)

Tide Stain Detergent $4.99
Use with $3.00/1 Tide coupon (12.27 PG)

Cascade Dish Detergent $3.99
Use with $0.50/1 Cascade coupon (12.27 PG)

Dawn Detergent 2/$5.00
Use with $0.25/1 Dawn coupon (12.27 PG)

Panasonic Batteries 12-pack $3.99

Secret Flawless Anti Persperant 2/$5.00
Use with $0.50/1 Secret coupon (11.01 PG)

Crest Toothpaste 2/$3.00
Use with $0.50/1 Crest coupon (12.27 PG)

Scope Mouthwash $2.99
Use with $0.75/1 Scope coupon (11.29 PG)

Ivory Soap 10-Pack $2.99
Use with $1.00/1 Ivory coupon (12.27 PG)

Thai Kitchen Noodle Bowls 2/$3.00
Use with $1.00/2 Thai Kitchen coupon (10.11 RP)

Dai Day Duck Sauce $2.99

Sunluck Vegetables 4/$5.00

Sesmark Thins crackers 2/$4.00

Chang Farms Bean Sprouts $0.99

Snow Peas $1.99/lb.

Nasoya Wrappers $1.99

Fortune Cookies $2.99/lb.

Pears $0.79

DelMonte Fruit Naturals 5/$5.00
Use with $1.00/8 Coupon (11.15 RP)

Lemons 3/$1.00
Limes 4/$1.00

Nor’east Salads 2/$5.00

Jumbo Green Peppers $0.99/lb.

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Hannaford Bros. Supermarket
Top Round Roast $1.99/lb.

10 Ct. Bag Navel Oranges $3.99

Roasting Chicken $0.79/lb.

Shank Portion Smoked Ham $0.79/lb.

2 Liter Pepsi $0.99

Florida’s Premium OJ $2.99
Use with B1 G1 Free coupon (11.22 SS)

Hannaford Cream Cheese $0.69

Tide 2x Laundry Detergent $9.99
Use with $0.35/1 Tide coupon (11.29 PG)

Mangoes $0.99

Red or Golden Delicious Apples $0.99/lb.

Hannaford Red Potatoes $1.99/4 lb. Bag

Yellow Onions $0.99

Garlic $0.39 each

Nature’s Place Packaged Herbs $1.99

Scallions $0.49

Green Beans $0.99

Asparagus $2.49

Snow’s Clam Chowder $1.39
Use with $1.00/2 Snows coupon (10.18 SS)

Del Monte Diced Tomatoes $0.99
Use with $1.00/8 Del Monte coupon (11.15 RP)

Hannaford Butter Quarters $1.75

Cod Fillet $4.99/lb.

American Cheese $4.99/lb.

Provelone Cheese $5.99/lb.

Spiral Sliced Honey Ham $1.69/lb.

Frozen Marval Turkey $0.89/lb.

Ocean Spray Cranberry Suace $0.99

Hannaford Marshmallows $0.94

Lucky Leaf Cherry Pie Filling $1.99

Keebler Graham Cracker Pie Crust $1.79
Use with $1.00/2 Keebler coupon (11.08 RP)

Peppermint Candy Canes $0.99

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Hannaford Bros. Supermarket

Hannaford’s online circular service is down…I’ll check it again tomorrow.

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Semi-Boneless Beef Rib Roast $4.99/lb.

Clementines Box $4.88/lb. (Limit 2)

Cook’s Spiral Sliced Ham $1.39/lb.

Southern Yams, Sweet Potatoes, or Russet Potatoes 2 lbs/$1.00

Land O Lakes Butter $1.99 (limit 3)

Shady Brook Farms Turkey $0.99/lb.

Oscar Mayers Sliced Bacon B1G1 Free
Use with $1.00/2 Oscar Mayer coupon (11.15 SS)

Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice 2/$4.00

Pepsi 2 liters $0.88

Green Giant Boxes 10/$10.00
Use with $0.60/3 Green Giant coupon (12.13 GM)

Bounty 8-Roll $9.99
Use with $0.25/1 Bounty coupon (11.29 PG)

Brighams Ice Cream 2/$5.00
Use with $1.00/1 Brighams coupon (10.18 SS)

Lemons 4/$3.00
Limes 3/$1.00

Carando Spiral Sliced Ham $1.99/lb.

John Morrell Sliced Ham $0.99

SemiBoneless Rib Steak $5.99

Large Shrimp Ring $6.99
Large Easy Peel Shrimp $6.99

Nestle Baking Morsels 2/$4.00
Use with $0.50/1 Nestle coupon (11.01 RP)

Hillshire Farm Kielbasa or Smoked Sausage B1G1 Free

Nathan’s Beef Franks B1G1 Free

Sabra Hummus B1G1 Free

Planters Mixed Nuts B1G1 Free
Use with $1.00/2 Planters coupon (12.13 SS)

Hefty EZ Foil B2G1 Free
Holiday Treat Containers B2G1 Free
Hersheys Single Candy Bars B2G1 Free
Hallmark Expressions Cards 3/$1.00

San Pellegrino
Stove Top
Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce
Campbells Cream Soup; use with $1.00/5 Campbells Cream Soup coupon (9.20 SS)
Del Monte Vegetables; use with $1.00/8 Del Monte coupon (11.15 RP)
Pillsbury Moist Cake Mix; use with $1.00/2 Pillsbury coupon in MB booklet
Pasta Roni or Rice A Roni
Holiday Party Goods
Pearson Nips
Glade Air Fresheners
Cool Whip

Save $0.10 on gas when you buy any 4 General Mills or Cascadian Farms cereals (excluding cups)
Use with GM Cereal coupons (1.00/2 or 3) in 12.13 GM, 11.15 GM, 11.08 SS

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