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grocery-gathering5 Market Basket Deals and coupon match ups for this week! Definitely not as many good deals as normal…

al Fresco Chicken Sausage $2.99

Chuck Steak or Roast $1.99

MB Milk Gallon $2.39

Boneless Strip Sirloin Steak $5.49

Welch’s Grape Blends 2/$4.00
Use with $1.00/2 Welch’s Coupon (1.11.09 SS)
for 2/$3.00

Smart Balance:
Milk 2/$5.00
50/50 Butter Blend 2/$5.00
Heart Right 2/$5.00
Smart Beat Fat Free Singles 2/$5.00
Spread 2/$5.00
Smart Balance Light Mayonnaise 2/$5.00
Peanut Butter 2/$5.00
Popcorn 2/$3.00
Cooking Spray $1.99
Omega Oil $3.99

General Mills (2/$6) or Nature’s Valley (2/$5) Buy 4 and save $4.00 instantly:
Use with:
$0.75/1 Total or Fiber One coupon.com printables
$1.00/2 Fiber One/Total Coupon
$1.00/3 GM Cereal coupon
$1.00/2 Nature’s Valley Bars coupon

85% Fresh Lean Ground Beef $2.59/lb.

Perdue: (Coupons 1.11.09 RP)
Flavor Bites $2.49: use with $1.00/1 Perdue Flavor Bites Coupon
Breaded Chicken $3.29-$2.89; Use with $1.00/1 Perdue Breaded Chicken Coupon
Perdue Short Cuts $3.99; use with $1.00/1 Perdue Short Cuts Coupon
Perdue Chicken Cunks $5.99; Use with $1.00/any Perdue Coupon

Lloyd’s BBQ Tub $4.59
Use with $1.00/1 Lloyd’s Coupon (1.25.09 SS)
for 1/$3.59

El Monterey Taquitos $5.49
Use with $1.00/ El Monterey Taquitos Coupon (1.25.09 RP)
for 1/$4.49

Johnsonville: (Johnsonville Coupons 1.11.09 SS)
Smoked Sausage $2.69: Use with $1.00/2 Coupon
Breakfast Sausage $2.69: Use with $1.00/2 Coupon
Bratwurst $3.69: Use with $1.00/2 Coupon

Dannon Yogurt 5/$2.00
use with $1.00/10 (1.04.09 SS)

Sargento Shredded Cheese 2/$4.00
use with $1.00/2 Sargento Coupon (1.04.09 SS) for

Market Basket Frozen Vegetables 5/$5.00

Tai Pei Entrees $3.99
Use with $0.50/1 Tai Pei Coupon (1.25.09 SS)
for 1/$3.49

Texas Toast 2/$4.00
Use with $1.00/2 Texas Toast Coupon (1.18.09 SS)
for 2/$3.00

Wise Chips $0.99

Glaceau Vitamin Water 5/$5.00

Vita Coco Coconut Water 3/$3.00

Pepsi/Sierra Mist/Mt. Dew 3/$10.00

Campbell’s Canned Pasta 5/$5.00

Red Grapefuit 2/$1.00

Idaho Potatoes 5-lb bag $2.99


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grocery-gathering5 Stop & Shop Deals for this week!

3 Day Sale Jan. 30-Feb. 1: Coke 12 packs 4/$10.00 and get two free 2 ltrs. of Coke Zero

3 Day Sale  Jan. 30-Feb. 1: Sirloin Steak Tips $3.99

3 Day Sale  Jan. 30-Feb. 1: Get any 2 Doritos, Lay’s or Tostitos and get 2 24 oz. jars of Tostitos Salsa Free ($7.96 savings)

Strawberries, Blueberries or Blackberries 2/$4.00

General Mills Cereal Buy 4/Save $4.00
Use with various General Mills coupons available

Quilted Northern $5.99
Use with $1.00/1 Quilted Northern coupon (1.25.09 RP)

Avocadoes $0.99 each

Buy 1 Lloyd’s Tub, get free Hamburger Buns
Use with $1.00/1 Lloyd’s Coupon (1.25.09 SS)

Emerald Peanuts 2/$5.00
Use with $1.00/2 Emerald Coupon

NY Strip Steak $5.99/lb.

85% Lean Ground Beef $2.99/lb.

Oscar Meyer Beef Franks B1G1 Free

Margherita Genoa Salami $5.99
Use with $0.60/1 lb Margherita Coupon (1.25 SS) for
1 lb/$5.39

Tribe Hummus 5/$10.00

Breakstone Sour Cream 3/$5.00
Use with $1.00/2 Breakstone Coupon 1.25 SS
for 3/$4.00

Heluva Good Dip 3/$5.00
Use with $1.00/2 Heluva Coupon 1.18.09
for  3/$4.00

O water infused 10/$10.00

Chex Mix 2/$5.00
Use with $1.00/2 (1.25.09 SS)
for 2/$4.00

Orville Redenbacher 2/$4.00
Use with two $1.00/1 Printables for

McCormick Dry Seasoning Mixes 10/$10.00
Buy 4 and use with $1.00/4 McCormick Coupon (1.18.09 RP)
for 4/$3.00

Hormel Chili 10/$10.00
Use with $1.00/2 Hormel Chili Coupons (1.18.09 SS)

Pop-Tarts 2/$5.00
Use with $1.00/2 Pop Tarts Coupon for

Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup 4/$3.00
Buy 10 and use with $1.00/10 Campbell’s Coupon (1.04.09 SS)

Stop & Shop 2 Ltr. Soda $0.69

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grocery-gathering5 Shaw’s Deals for this week!

3-Day Sale (Fri. Jan 30-Sun. Feb. 1)

Coke/Diet/Sprite 4/$10.00 and get 2 free Coke Zero 2-liters with purchase of 4 12 packs

Doritos or Lays B1G1 Free

Club or Cheez-It or Town House crackers $1.99
Use with $1.00/2 Keebler Cracker coupon (12.14.09 RP)
for 2/$2.98

Goose’s Tailgater Ribs $7.99

Culinary Circle Pizza $3.99, Buy 2 and get a Dr. Pepper 2-ltr. Free with in-store Coupon

In-Ad coupon for a Free 8-piece Deli Fried Chicken with you buy any Hormel Party Tray or $6.99 off any 12-piece or larger fried chicken.+

Regular Sale:
Meal Deal:
Save $4.00 when you buy:
1 Jimmy Dean Sausage Roll
1 Dozen Egg Carton
1 Kraft Shredded Cheese
1 Mission Tortilla
1 Fresh Express Shredded Lettuce

Buy 3 Participating Pepsi co Products and get a Go-Red Reusable Bag Free (see Page 7 of online circular)

Fresh Express Salad Blends 2/$5.00

California Navel Oranges 2/$1.00

Eastern Apples $0.99

Florida Strawberries B1G1 Free

Avocadoes 2/$3.00

Perdue Boneless Chicken Breast $1.88/lb.

Breyers Ice Cream B1G1 Free
Use with $1.00/2 Breyers Shaw’s Printable

Shaw’s Sirloin Tip Steak $4.99/lb.
Use with $1.00/3 lbs. or more Shaw’s Printable for
3 lbs/$13.97

General Mills Cereal 4/$10.00 and get a catalina for a free gallon of milk on your next visit.
8.9 – 10 oz. Cheerios, 8.7 – 9 oz. Kix, 10.7 oz. Trix, 12.8 oz. Multi Grain Cheerios, 12.8 – 14 oz. Cinnamon Toast Crunch, 11.7 – 13.75 oz. Cocoa Puffs or 12 oz. Golden Grahams
Use with $0.75/1 Multigrain Cheerios Coupon and $1.00/3 General Mills Cereal Coupon

Tropicana Orange Juice $2.99
Buy 2 and use with $1.00/2 Tropicana Coupon (1.05.09 RP)
for 2/$4.98

Sargento Shredded Cheese 2/$5.00
Use with $1.00/2 Sargento Coupon (1.25.09 SS)
for 2/$4.00

Goldfish B1G1 Free

Arm & Hammar Detergent B1G1 Free

Margherita Genoa or Hard Salami $3.99/lb.
Use with $0.60/1 lb Margherita Coupon (1.25.09 SS)
for 1 Lb/ $2.99

Porterhouse, T-Bone Steak $7.99

Perdue Breaded and Glazed Chicken Popcorn Chicken, Buffalo Wings, Chicken Strips or Chunks $6.99
Use with $1.00/1 Perdue Coupon (1.18.09 RP)
for 1/$5.99

Johnsonville Brats or Italian Sausage $3.99
Use with $1.00/2 Johnsonville Brats or Sausage Coupons (1.11.09)
for 2/$6.98

Lloy’s Meat Tubs B1G1 Free
Use with two $1.00/1 Lloyd’s Coupons (1.25.09 SS), or one $1.00/1 and one $0.75/1 Lloyds’ Coupons (12.07.08 SS)

Pilgrims Pride Wing Zings or Wing Dings $7.99
Use with $0.75/1 Pilgrims Pride Coupon (1.25.09 SS)
for 1/$7.24

Carando Pepperoni 2/$6.00
Use with $1.00/2 Carando Pepperoni Coupon (12.14.08 SS)
for 2/$5.00

Land O Lakes American Cheese $6.49
Use with $1.00/1 Lb. Land O Lakes Cheese Coupon (1.25.09 RP)
for 1 Lb./ $5.49

Newman’s Own Salsa 2/$5.00
Use with $1.00/2 Newmans’ Salsa Coupon (1.25.09 RP)
for 2/$4.00

Ortega Taco Sauce 2/$3.00
Ortega Taco Seasoning Mix $0.99
Oretega Refried Beans $0.99
Ortega Whole Green Chilies $0.99
Use with $1.00/2 Ortega Coupon (1.18.09 SS)

Mission Tortillas 25% off
use with $1.00/1 Mission Plus! Tortilla Coupon (1.04.09 SS)

Hunt’s or Ro-Tel Diced Tomatoes (Or Hunt’s Tomato Sauce) 10/$10.00
Use with $1.00/4 Hunt’s Coupon (1.18.09 SS) or $1.00/2 Ro-Tel Coupon (Gameday Booklet)

Putney! Pasta B1G1 Free
Use with $1.00/1 Coupon from Whole Foods this past summer

El Monteray Taquitos, Quesadilas or Enchiladas $5.99
Use with $1.00/ El Monterey Taquitos Coupon (1.25.09 RP)
for 1/$4.99

Newman’s Own Pizza 2/$11.00
Use with two $1.00/1 Newman’s Own Thin & Crispy (1.25.09RP)
for 2/$9.00

Red Baron Pizza 2/$9.00
Use with two $1.00/1 Peelies for

Tai Pei Supreme Dinners $4.99
Use with $1.00/1 Tai Pei Supreme Coupon (1.25.09 SS)

Tyson Any’tizers Boxes $2.99
Use with $1.00/2 Tyson Coupon (1.18.09 SS)
for 2/$4.98

Heluva Good Dip 2/$4.00
Use with $1.00/2 Heluva Good Dip coupon (1.18.09 SS)

Dannon Yogurt 10/$6.00
Use with $1.00/10 Dannon Coupon (1.04.09 SS)

4C Grated Parmesan Cheese $3.99
Use with $1.00/2 4C Cheese Coupon for

Newmans Lemonade 2/$4.00
Use with $1.00/2 Newmans lemonade Coupon (1.25.09 RP)

Kellogg’s Cereal 2/$5.00
Use with $1.50/2 Kellogg’s Coupon (1.18.09 SS)
for 2/$4.00

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts 3/$5.00
Use with $1.00/2 Pop Tarts Coupon for

Ritz 2/$5.00
Use with $2.00/2 Ritz Coupon (1.25.09 SS) or $1.00/2 Ritz Coupon (Gameday)
for 2/$3.00 or 2/$4.00

Shaw’s Hamburger or Hotdog Rolls B2G1 Free

Thomas’ English Muffins B1G1 Free

Newman’s Own Pasta Sauce 2/$5.00
Use with $1.00/2 Newmans coupon (1.25.09 RP)
for 2/$4.00

Dinty Moore Stew 4/$5.00
Use with two $1.00/2 Dinty Moore Coupon (1.25.09 SS)
for 4/$3.00

French’s Mustard 2/$3.00
Use with $1.00/2 French’s Coupon (1.18.09 SS)
for 2/$2.00

Shaw’s Pickles B1G1 Free

Marconi Rosemary Oil B1G1 Free

10/$10.00 Roundup
Pepsi/Diet/Mountain Dew 2 Ltrs.
Pringles 10/$10.00: Use with $1.00/5 Pringles Shaw’s Printable and $0.20/2 Pringles Coupon (1.25.09 RP)
Shaws Soda
Lipton Sides: Use with $1.00/3 Lipton sides Coupon (1.18.09 RP)
Chef Boyardee: Use with $1.00/5 Chef Boyardee Coupon (1.04.09 SS)
Hormel Chili Use with $1.00/2 Hormel Chili Coupons (1.18.09 SS)
Shaw’s Pasta: Use with $1.00/5 Shaw’s Pasta Printable Coupon
Nabisco Go Packs
Little Debbie Valentine’s Snacks
Shaw’s All Purpose Eraser
Ultra Soft Fabric Softener (Shaws)
Renuzit Air Freshener
Ajax Dish Washing Detergent
Purina Friskies Party Mix Cat Treats
Starkist Tuna
Litpon Iced Tea
Act II Microwave Butter: Use with $1.00/2 Coupon (1.25.09 SS)
Utz Cheese Curls or Potato Chips
Shaw’s Fragrance Jar
Elmer Comic Valentine’s Hearts
Russell Stover Bagged Candy
Valentine Party Goods
Necco Sweethearts
Kleenex: Use with $1.00/3 Coupon (inserts)
Manwich: Use with $1.00/3 Coupon (1.18.09 SS)
Healthy Choice soup
Rinaldi Pasta Sauce
Del Monte Vegetables
Hunt’s Snack packs
Shaw’s Fruit
Tostinos’ Pizza Roll boxes: use with any of the $1.00/2 Pizza Roll Coupons
Max Velocity Energy Drink
Banquet Meals
Hawaiian Punch
Kellogg’s to Go Cereal
Shaw’s Vegetables
Hostess Twinkies
Shaw’s Coffee Filters
Nursery Purified Water
Del Monte Fruit Naturals
Softsoap Hand Soap or Dial Basics Hypoallergenic Bar Soap: Use with $1.00/3 Dial coupon (provenience unknown)
SoBe Lifewater
Crunch N Munch
Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate
Shaw’s Cream Cheese
Shaw’s Margerine

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grocery-gathering5 Hannafords Deals for this week!

Hannaford Butter Quarters $1.99

Ace of Diamond White Tuna 5/$5.00

Charmin 9-Roll Toilet Paper $4.99

Homestyle Roasting Chicken $0.79

Whole Boneless Pork Loin $1.97

Red Grapefruit 3/$2.00

Land O Lakes American Cheese $4.99/lb.
Use with $1.00/1 lb. Land O Lakes coupon (1.25.09 RP)
for 1 lb for $3.99

Fresh Express Salad 2/$5.00

Green Cabbage $4.9/lb.

Dry Bay Scallops $4.99/lb.

Honey Bunches of Oats 2/$5.00
Use with $1.00/2 Post Cereal Coupon (1.25.09 SS)
for 2/$4.00

Betty Crocker Cookie Pouch Mix 3/$5.00
Use with $1.00/2 Betty Crocker Cookie Coupon (12.14.08 SS)
for 3/$4.00

Ragu 45 oz. $3.29
Buy 3 and use with $1.00/3 Ragu Coupon (1.18.08 RP)
for 3/$8.87

Progresso Soup 4/$5.00
Use with $1.00.4 Progresso Coupon (1.04.09 GM)
for 4/$4.00

Kraft Salad Dressing 2/$5.00
Use with $1.00/2 Kraft Dressing Coupon (1.18.09)
for 2/$4.00

Stonyfield Farms O’Soy $0.85/cup
Buy 3 and use with $0.50/3 Stonyfield Farm Printable Coupon for

12-Pack of Coke or Pepsi 3/$12.00 (not that great)
Save Pepsi Reciept for Rebate or
Use with three $1.00/1 Coke 12-Pack Gameday Coupon for

Slimfast Ready to Drink Beverage $6.99
Use with $1.25/1 Slimfast Coupon (unliever?)
for 1/$5.74

Hillshire Farms Polska Kielbasa $3.29
Buy 2 and use with $1.00/2 Hillshire Farms Coupon (1.25.09 RP)
for  2/$5.58

Country Crock Garlic Mashed Potates $3.49
Use with $1.00/1 Country Crock Side Coupon (1.18.09 RP)
for 1/$2.49

Rib Eye Steak $6.99/lb.

Bottom Round Roast $2.49/lb.

Free Hannaford 64 oz Orange Juice with purchase of any three Kellogg’s Apple Jacks, Froot Loops or Frosted Flakes.
Use with $15.0/2 Kellogg’s Coupon (1.18.09 SS)

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Pretty happy with my deals this week: not ecstatic-BEST-WEEK-EVER sort of trip, but the kind where you walk out to the car feeling triumphant, and oh, how, if every week was this good! And lest you think I over-rate this trip, we’re hosting our family’s Superbowl Party on Sunday–so that’s 8 of us to stuff full of appetizer-treats, soda, and gloriously unhealthy food.

I got:

2 Boxes of Orville Redenbacher
4 12-Packs of Pepsi Soda
2 Boxes of Wheat Thins
1 Box of Ritz
3 Jars of Tostitos Salsa
2 Bags of Tostitos Chips
4 Bags of Kraft Shredded Cheese
1 Bag Tyson Chicken Fingers
1 Bag Shaw’s Corn
3 Bags Pizza Rolls
3 Boxes of Cheese Sticks
1 Carton of Eggs
1 Sour Cream (Breakstone)
1 Box of Butter
2 Kielbasa
1 case of Quilted Northern

Before savings, this would have been $121.76; I paid $62.74—about half off! And happily, $22.84 of that savings was purely in coupons.

Best deals by far were:

  • The B1G1 O. Redenbacher with two $1.00/1 coupons–I got both for $0.89.
  • The Kielbasa:  2/$3.79 (normal price 2/$9.58 )
  • The Tostitos/Pepsi Deals: I got a free jar of salsa, $5.00 off w/ in-ad coupon, and will send in for the $15.00 coupon rebate.
  • The Crackers & Cheese: For buying 3 boxes of crackers ($2.00 off), I got a free bag of Kraft Cheese + 3 more for $7, all with $1.00/1 blinkie coupons, plus got to use an additional $1.00/1 Cheese&Cracker coupon.

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…Or, Knowing When to Quit.

We’ve been bested–and conquered,  puzzled by our loss, we’ve withdrawn. The Bedroom has been shut off. There’s got to be something REALLY wrong with that wall, window, or the flooring beneath us, since we just cannot keep that room warm without turning on the electric heater and jacking up the thermostat (that controls our entire apartment!) to 70 degrees. Which *still* results in shivering, and socks being left on. And we will have none of that!

So instead, we’ve gone loft style, and made up our IKEA futon couch into a cozy, warm bed that we can heat with a single space heater set at 62 degrees and our thermostat set at 60. I’m sort of extra happy because now the bedroom remains neat and clean; husband is happy because he can watch TV in superlative comfort (OK, I’m sort of cool with that too).

It’s a bit more work when people are coming over, since we’ve really moved into that room, but we figure the energy savings–and increased comfort!–are more than worth it. It sort of feels like how we played “camping” as kids when the power went out–blankets everywhere, piles of books, magazines, journals and clumps of pens. I’m not at all sure we’re going to want to move back for the summer!

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I keep trying to send out cards each Christmas…I even wrote a Christmas letter detailing all of our travels, and replete with shout-outs. And I didn’t send them. Gave a few out to friends and co-workers, but none to the family I so wanted to mail them to. I even bought stamps! How hard is it to address envelopes?

So, in perhaps vain hope that some year it’ll happen, I hit the WAY after Christmas sales (none of this 15% off nonsense!) where cards are going for 50-75% off or more. Husband and I have gotten some fantastic bargains this way, including cards from expensive places (think Crane or Papyrus) and wrapping paper for literally cents. Everywhere I go, I’ll look: Borders, B&N, gift boutiques, Target…and though I can never find *good* cards before Christmas, I’ve found some beauties that I can’t wait to use…and which I’m probably hoping will serve as motivation for next year. And that’s what works for me! See more WFMW here.

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