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On paper, it never looks so bad. Three stops for the remainder of my Christmas shopping one night, cleaning the house and the gym the next, a party, a picture appointment…surely one can blog in between? Apparently not, since Thursday is upon us once again! It also didn’t help that for the THIRD WEEK in a row, our mailman declined to give us the circulars…and doing them online is not as much fun since then HOW can I coupon and watch The Office at the same time? It’s just not the same. Which leaves me with the ├╝ber-awkward dilemma of “Do I call the Post Office and hope to remain anonymous?” or option B, which is “Here’s a $5 Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Certificate and a Christmas/Please-Give-Me-The-Circulars-(P.S.-This-is-not-a-bribe) Card. Happy Holidays!” Either way…risky.

But I still feel badly, and will get back on the ball this week. After tomorrow’s Solstice Soiree at the Isabella Gardner Museum I *plan* (God willing) to get right back here and look up those deals. On the bright side, however, I DID cut out about 3 weeks of double back coupons…one set from us, and one from my parents in NH (The Union Leader and the Boston Globe often differ drastically in coupons, oddly enough), so my coupon center is all set for maximum coupon-deal matching efficiency. And I did it while re-watching Charade.


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